Het Huis Anubis

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Het Huis Anubis
Noa robbie huisanubis.JPG
Noa (Gamze Tazim) and Robbie (Sander van Amsterdam [nl]) from
uit Het Huis Anubis at the 2008 Antwerp Book Fair
Created byHans Bourlon,
Gert Verhulst and Anjali Taneja
Written byAnjali Taneja
StarringLoek Beernink
Iris Hesseling
Lucien van Geffen
Vincent Banic
Liliana de Vries
Vreneli van Helbergen
Achmed Akkabi
Kevin Wekker
Sven de Wijn
Marieke Westenenk
Gamze Tazim
Walter Crommelin
Patrick Wessels
Claartje Janse
Theme music composerGert Verhulst
Hans Bourlon
Johan Vanden Eede
Opening themeSeason 1: Het Huis Anubis by Loek Beernink
Season 2: Het Geheim by Loek Beernink
Seasons 3 & 4: Kunnen Stenen Iets Vertellen? by Loek Beernink
Composer(s)Johan Vanden Eede
Country of originNetherlands
Original language(s)Dutch
No. of seasons4 (seasons 1,2 and 3 were split in two parts)
No. of episodes404
Executive producer(s)Anja Van Mensel
Camera setupVideotape; single-camera
Running time10 minutes
Production company(s)Studio 100
Nickelodeon Productions
Original networkNickelodeon
Original releaseSeptember 26, 2006 (2006-09-26) – December 4, 2009 (2009-12-04)
Related showsHet Huis Anubis en de Vijf van het Magische Zwaard,
Das Haus Anubis &
House of Anubis
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Het Huis Anubis (The House of Anubis) is a Belgian-Dutch children's television drama created by Studio 100 and Nickelodeon, airing in the Netherlands and Flanders. It first aired in September 2006 and the last episode was broadcast on December 4, 2009. The show was a huge success in the Benelux, despite the show's low budget for the first two seasons.[citation needed]

After ending, the show was followed by a spin-off, called Het Huis Anubis en de Vijf van het Magische Zwaard (The House of Anubis and the Five of the Magical Sword). This series followed another group of friends, who moved into the house from the original series after the original residents moved out and went to college. None of the actors from the original returned. The spin-off was as successful as the original series and finished its second (and final) season in June 2011.[citation needed]

The series started re-airing all episodes in fall 2011, after the spin-off had its finale. Even though the majority of the episodes stayed the same, the episodes were aired in widescreen (the first two seasons were originally broadcast in fullscreen) and some of the old music was replaced with newer songs. Also, other small changes and cuts were made to make the seasons look a little bit more like the later seasons (which had higher budgets).

On 6 January 2018, Spike and MTV Netherlands aired a reunion special called: #TB Het Huis Anubis in which certain castmembers looked back on their time on the show. The day after, Nickelodeon started re-airing all the episodes again, starting with season 1. Just like in 2011 the first season is being aired in widescreen and some of the music has been replaced. The old opening credits were also replaced with newer visuals. The logo for the show was also slightly modified.


In a building dating from 1900, currently serving as a boarding school, eight young people live together under the leadership of the strict landlord, Victor. When newcomer Nienke (Nina in the dubs and remakes) moves into the house, another resident, Joyce (Joy and Linn in the remakes), suddenly disappears. Joyce's best friend, Patricia (Luzy in the German remake), doesn't trust Nienke and forces her to spend a night in the attic.

There, Nienke makes a bizarre discovery: the recorded diary of a young girl, Sarah, who lived in the house, many years before. Sarah's parents were archaeologists in Egypt who mysteriously died. On the tapes, it is revealed the house has a secret history, a mystery that nobody knows anything about. She decides to investigate, together with fellow resident Fabian (Daniel in the German remake) and her roommate, Amber (Delia in the German remake). Meanwhile, Patricia searches for answers about Joyce's disappearance, while other residents have their own problems to deal with.

While each resident has their own way of dealing with school, friends, love and growing up, the teens bond together to search for the treasure hidden within Het Huis Anubis (The House of Anubis) .


Season Episodes Original date USA date
Season 1 114 2006-2007 TBA
Season 2 120 2007 TBA
Season 3 120 2008 TBA
Season 4 50 2009 TBA



  • The series was remade for Germany. The German remake, called Das Haus Anubis, debuted in September 2009 on Nick. It is filmed on exactly the same sets they used for the Dutch version and even used some of the same costumes. This version was almost identical to the original, except for the character names. However, they did make some changes to the storyline for season 2. The series was finished after the third season.
  • In January 2011, an English language remake, called House of Anubis (recorded in Liverpool) debuted on Nickelodeon in the US. It used an all new set (and house) but kept almost all original character names (except Nienke, which became Nina, Appie, which became Alfie, Jeroen, which was changed to Jerome, and Joyce which became Joy) The script was a rewritten version of the original script. This version also had a Spanish dub for Nickelodeon (Latin America) called El Misterio de Anubis. The second season premiered on January 9, 2012 and the second season's last episode was on March 9, 2012. The third season started airing on January 3, 2013, and ended on April 11th, 2013 (For the U.S.)


Other countries have dubbed the English adaptation of the series House of Anubis instead of Het Huis Anubis.


There have been three movies, each with a stand-alone story, but with the same actors:

  • Het Pad der 7 Zonden (The Path of the 7 Sins), is the first Anubis movie, released in theaters in December 2008.
  • De Wraak van Arghus (The Revenge of Arghus), is the second Anubis movie, released in theaters in December 2009.
  • De Terugkeer van Sibuna (The Return of Sibuna), is the third and last Anubis movie and debuted on Nickelodeon in October 2010. The movie aired almost one year after the series ended. It showed where the characters went after they moved out of the house and what they are doing. Despite airing only one year after the last episode, the third movie takes place three years after the series finale, roughly around the same time the spin-off takes place. Some characters from that series also make (non-speaking) cameo appearances.


Main protagonists (Residents)[edit]

Character (Dutch names) Actor/Actress Episodes Run
Nienke Martens Loek Beernink 1-404, Anubis en de Terugkeer van Sibuna 2006–2009, 2010¹
Amber Rosenbergh Iris Hesseling 1-404, Anubis en de Terugkeer van Sibuna 2006–2009, 2010¹
Fabian Ruitenburg Lucien van Geffen 2-404, Anubis en de Terugkeer van Sibuna 2006–2009, 2010¹
Mick Zeelenberg Vincent Banic 1-404 2006–2009¹
Mara Sabri Liliana de Vries 1-147 2006-2007
Appie Tayibi Achmed Akkabi 1-290 2006-2008²
Kevin Wekker 290-404, Anubis en de Terugkeer van Sibuna 2008-2010³
Jeroen Cornelissen Sven de Wijn 2-404, Anubis en de Terugkeer van Sibuna 2006–2009, 2010¹
Victor Emanuel Rodenmaar Walter Crommelin 1-231, 233-350, 355-400, 404 2006–2009¹
Joyce van Bodegraven Marieke Westenenk 59-63, 75, 118, 124-370 2006(guest star), 2007-2009²
Noa van Rijn Gamze Tazim 147-404 2007-2009³
Danny Rodenmaar Patrick Wessels 370-404 2009³
Sofie Rodenmaar Claartje Janse 376-404 2009³
Patricia Soeters Vreneli van Helbergen 1-370 2006–2009²

¹ Character was seen during the entire series.

² Character left the show before it ended.

³ Character appeared later.

Supporting characters[edit]

Character (Dutch names) Actor/Actress Run Seasons (S)
Jason Winker Curt Fortin 2006–2007 S1-S2
Yasmine Sabri Inge de Vries 2007 S2
Esther Verlinden Karen Damen 2006–2007 S1-S2
Jimmy Robert van Laar 2007–2008 S2
Vera de Kell Elle van Rijn 2008 S2
Raven van Prijze Hugo Metsers 2007–2008 S2
Gran Irene Martens Roelie Westerbeek 2006–2008 S1-S2
Uncle Pierre Marant René Retèl 2006, 2007–2009 S1-S3
Sarah Winsbrugge-Hennegouwen Pim Lambeau 2006–2007, 2008–2009 S1, S3
Rufus Malpied¹ Just Meijer 2006–2007, 2008–2009 S1, S3-S4
Zeno Terpstra¹ Hero Muller 2006, 2007–2009 S1-S4
Ibrahim Tayibi Sabri Saad El Hamus 2009 S3-S4
Trudie Tayibi Magda Cnudde 2006–2009 S1-S4
Ellie van Engelen Ingeborg Ansing 2006–2009 S1-S4
Victor Rodenmaar senior Walter Crommelin 2008–2009 S3-S4
Marijke Rodenmaar Trudi Klever 2009 S4
Ari van Swieten Ton Feil 2006–2009 S1-S4
Robbie Lodewijks Sander van Amsterdam 2006–2009 S1-S4
Anchesenamon Meghna Kumar 2009 S4
Amneris Ayesha Künzle 2007–2008, 2009 S2, S4
Jacob van den Berg Evert van der Meulen 2009 S3-S4
Matthijs van den Berg David-Jan Bronsgeest 2009 S3-S4

¹ The characters of Rufus Malpied and Zeno Terpstra would later be merged into one character (Rufus Zeno) for the English remake.


The story of the series:

Released date Title Translation Pages
30 November 2006 De geheime club van de oude Wilg The secret club of the old Willow 250
23 May 2007 Het geheim van de Tombe The Secret of the Tomb 244
10 December 2007 De geheimzinnige vloek The mysterious curse 256
26 May 2008 De Uitverkorene The Chosen one 255
12 December 2008 Het geheim van Winsbrugge-Hennegouwen The secret of Winsbrugge-Hennegouwen 287
27 May 2009 De traan van Isis The tear of Isis 243
27 December 2009 De vloek van Anchesenamon The curse of Anchesenamon 265

The story of the movies:

Released date Title Translation Pages
15 October 2008 Het pad der 7 Zonden The Path of the 7 Sins 174
16 December 2009 De wraak van Arghus The revenge of Arghus 176
16 December 2009 De wraak van Arghus (Limited Edition) The revenge of Arghus (Limited Edition) 207

Additional books:

Released date Title Translation Pages
1 October 2007 Het boek vol mysteries The Book full of Mysteries 49
18 August 2008 Fanboek Fanbook 16
19 October 2009 Hersenbreker Brainteaser 25
3 February 2010 Spelletjesboek Gamebook 48

External links[edit]

  • Official website (Dutch) The original page is updated on November 2011, it is now a sub site after the finale of the series