Het Vrije Volk

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Front page of Het Vrije Volk on a metro pillar in Rotterdam

Het Vrije Volk was a Dutch social-democratic daily newspaper. It was the successor, after World War II, of the socialist daily Het Volk. The paper appeared legally 1 March 1945 in Eindhoven. From 28 January 1946, all subdivisions of the newspaper were united and a national edition was introduced. For a time, it was the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands and at its peak it had over 300 editors and reporters. After 1958, the number of subscribers decreased rapidly.

The newspaper disappeared in 1970 as a national newspaper from Amsterdam, only regional editions remained and at the end of 1971 only Rotterdam was its home base. The last edition entitled Het Vrije Volk appeared on 30 March 1991 and it was merged with the Rotterdams Nieuwsblad into the Rotterdams Dagblad. That newspaper was merged with the Algemeen Dagblad in 2005.