Heterometrus cyaneus

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Heterometrus cyaneus
Scorpionidae - Heterometrus cyaneus.JPG
Heterometrus cyaneus from Java
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Chelicerata
Order: Scorpiones
Family: Scorpionidae
Genus: Heterometrus
Species: H. cyaneus
Binomial name
Heterometrus cyaneus
(C. L. Koch, 1836)
  • Buthus cyaneus C. L. Koch, 1836
  • Buthus defensor C. L. Koch, 1837
  • Buthus heros C. L. Koch, 1837
  • Buthus reticulatus C. L. Koch, 1837
  • Buthus setosus C. L. Koch, 1841
  • Heterometrus luzonenis Couzijn, 1981
  • Pandinus indicus Karsch, 1884

Heterometrus cyaneus, the Asian Blue Forest Scorpion, is a species of scorpions belonging to the family Scorpionidae.[1]


Heterometrus cyaneus can reach a length of 12–15 centimetres (4.7–5.9 in). These scorpions are dark black, with blue reflections. Body is strongly granulated. This species is classified as harmful, as the sting causes moderate to severe pain but without further consequences.[2]

Distribution and habitat[edit]

This species is native to Borneo, Philippines and Indonesia. It can be found in tropical rainforests and wetland forests, usually under stones or fallen trees.[2]