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Alternative names Black sesame porridge
Type Juk
Place of origin Korea
Main ingredients Black sesame, rice
Cookbook: Heugimja-juk  Media: Heugimja-juk
Korean name
Hangul 흑임자죽
Hanja 黑荏子粥
Revised Romanization heugimja-juk
McCune–Reischauer hŭgimja-chuk
IPA [hɯ.ɡim.dʑa.dʑuk̚]

Heugimja-juk (흑임자죽; 黑荏子粥) or black sesame porridge is a juk (porridge) made from finely ground black sesame and rice.[1][2] The bittersweet, nutty porridge is good for recovering patients, as black sesame seeds are rich in digestive enzymes that help with healthy liver and kidney functions.[2]


Preparation of heugimja-juk starts with washing, soaking, and draining black sesame and rice separately. Black sesame seeds are then toasted over low heat, and mixed with rice and water, to be ground in a millstone or a blender. The ground mixture is sifted, and simmered.

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