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Alternative names Black sesame porridge
Type Juk
Place of origin Korea
Serving temperature 60–65 °C (140–149 °F)
Main ingredients Black sesame, rice
Food energy
(per 1 serving)
55 kcal (230 kJ)[1]
Cookbook: Heugimja-juk  Media: Heugimja-juk
Korean name
Hangul 흑임자죽
Hanja 黑荏子粥
Revised Romanization heugimja-juk
McCune–Reischauer hŭgimja-chuk
IPA [hɯ.ɡim.dʑa.dʑuk̚]

Heugimja-juk (흑임자죽; 黑荏子粥) or black sesame porridge is a juk (porridge) made from finely ground black sesame and rice.[2][3] The bittersweet, nutty porridge is good for recovering patients, as black sesame seeds are rich in digestive enzymes that help with healthy liver and kidney functions.[3]


Preparation of heugimja-juk starts with washing, soaking, and draining black sesame and rice separately.[4] Black sesame seeds are then toasted over low heat, and mixed with rice and water, to be ground in a millstone or a blender.[4] The ground mixture is sifted, and simmered.[4]

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