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흥요국 (興遼國)
Capital Unknown
Languages Korean
Religion Korean Buddhism, Korean Confucianism, Korean Taoism, Korean shamanism
Government Monarchy
 •  Establishment 1029
 •  Fall 1030
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Liao Dynasty
Liao Dynasty
Hangul 흥요
Hanja 興遼
Revised Romanization Heungyo
McCune–Reischauer Hŭngyo

Heungyo kingdom (興遼國, 흥요국, 1029–1030) was founded by Dae Yeon-rim, who was the 7th-generation descendant of Dae Joyeong, the founder of Balhae.

Establishment and Downfall[edit]

Heung-yo kingdom was founded when General Dae Yeon-rim gathered up people of Balhae. Dae Yeon-rim established the kingdom of Heung-yo at the western region of the former territories of Balhae. The fall of Heung-yo Kingdom was a very tragic one, as it fell at the hands of a traitor, who was a subcommander of Dae Yeon-rim himself. When the Liao invaded and attempted to conquer the kingdom, all castles but one were left standing. The doors of the last castle were opened from the inside by this subcommander of Dae Yeon-Rim, which ultimately caused the fall of the short-lived kingdom, and an unknown fate for Dae Yeon-rim and his loyal commanders.

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