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Country Netherlands
Province Gelderland
Municipality Aalten

Heurne is a neighbourhood in the municipality of Aalten, near Aalten (Achterhoek region) in the eastern Netherlands with a population of around 500 inhabitants.

Heurne has a villagecentre, "D'n Heurnsen Tref" and is known of the border crossing Heurne-Hemden. Across the Heurne lies the Hamelandroute. Heurne does not have a centre, only a few stores at the border crossing. To avoid confusion with De Heurne (Dinxperlose Heurne "), Heurne is locally known as" Aaltense Heurne"

Coordinates: 51°54′N 6°35′E / 51.900°N 6.583°E / 51.900; 6.583