Heusden, Asten

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Coordinates: 51°23′2″N 5°45′50″E / 51.38389°N 5.76389°E / 51.38389; 5.76389
Country Netherlands
Province North Brabant
Municipality Asten
Population 2,200

Heusden also known as Asten-Heusden is a small village in North Brabant in the Netherlands. It is in the region often known as Heuze. Heusden has a small village square with a few bars, a church, a grocery store, and a youth center. The village is only a couple kilometers from Asten which is much larger and the center of activity for most residents of Heusden. Heusden also has the romantic remains of an old castle that dates from the fifteenth century. Attached to the ruins, a seventeenth-century v-shape farmstead is still in place.

Coordinates: 51°23′02″N 5°45′50″E / 51.38389°N 5.76389°E / 51.38389; 5.76389