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Heverlee logo

Heverlee is a Premium Belgian Lager with 4.8% alcohol by volume. It is an Abbey Beer, brewed in association with the Abbey of Premontre in Leuven, Belgium.

The Abbey - also known as Park Abbey - originally produced a light lager-like beer for consumption by the Abbey residents and surrounding townspeople.

Heverlee is served in a chalice glass designed to preserve the beer head and concentrate its flavours. The foam is traditionally sliced off with a knife, known as ‘beheading’. This removes the larger bubbles, which tend to cause the head to deteriorate faster, protecting the liquid underneath from exposure to the air and maintaining the head’s bitter aromas.

The Heverlee logo features the Abbey’s Latin motto ‘Ne Quid Nimis’, reflecting a philosophy of ‘life in balance’ (the literal English translation of ne quid nimis is ‘nothing in excess’).


Heverlee is only ever brewed in Belgium at Martens Brewery in Bocholt. It is made to a traditional Pils style recipe from: malted barley, hops, yeast, maize and fresh water.

Noble Saaz aroma hops are used to impart a light, crisp and balanced flavour.


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