Heves County

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Heves County

Heves megye
Mount Bél Stone in Bükk National Park
Kékes (the highest point in Hungary)
City view from Castle of Eger
Descending, from top: Bél Stone near Bélapátfalva, View of Kékes, and View from Castle of Eger
Flag of Heves County
Coat of arms of Heves County
Coat of arms
Heves County within Hungary
Heves County within Hungary
Country Hungary
RegionNorthern Hungary
County seatEger
 • President of the General AssemblyRóbert Szabó (Fidesz-KDNP)
 • Total3,637.21 km2 (1,404.33 sq mi)
Area rank16th in Hungary
 • Total301,296[1]
 • Rank14th in Hungary
Postal code
300x – 304x,
32xx – 33xx
Area code(s)(+36) 36, 37
ISO 3166 codeHU-HE

Heves (Hungarian: Heves megye, pronounced [ˈhɛvɛʃ]) lies in northern Hungary. It lies between the right bank of the river Tisza and the Mátra and Bükk mountains. It shares borders with the Hungarian counties Pest, Nógrád, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén and Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok. Eger is the county seat.

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Heves county is a geographically diverse area; its northern part is mountainous (the Mátra and Bükk are the two highest mountain ranges in Hungary), while at south it includes a part of the Great Hungarian Plain. From south it is bordered by Lake Tisza, the largest artificial lake in Hungary. The average temperature is between 8 and 10 °C (higher on the southern parts of the county).


Highest point[edit]

Lowest point[edit]


The county was a primary target for the Ottoman Empire during the Ottoman-Hungarian Wars where the Siege of Eger took place.


Religion in Heves County (2011 census)

  Catholic Church (52.1%)
  Calvinism (4.8%)
  Lutheranism (0.4%)
  Other religions (1.5%)
  Non-religious (14.0%)
  Atheists (1.1%)
  Undeclared (25.7%)

In 2015, it had a population of 301,296 and the population density was 83/km².

Year County population[2] Change
1949 316,273 n/a
1960 Increase 347,856 9.99%
1970 Decrease 340,146 -2.22%
1980 Increase 350,360 (record) 3.00%
1990 Decrease 334,408 -4.55%
2001 Decrease 325,727 -2.60%
2011 Decrease 308,882 -5.17%


Besides the Hungarian majority, the main minorities are the Roma (approx. 19,000), Germans (1,000) Slovaks (500) and Romanians (500).

Total population (2011 census): 308,882
Ethnic groups (2011 census):[3] Identified themselves: 279,714 persons:

  • Hungarians: 257,659 (92.12%)
  • Gypsies: 19,312 (6.90%)
  • Others and indefinable: 2,743 (0.98%)

Approx. 43,000 persons in Heves County did not declare their ethnic group at the 2011 census.


Religious adherence in the county according to 2011 census:[4]

Regional structure[edit]

District of Heves County
Gyöngyös 1938
English and
Hungarian names
Seat № of
1 Bélapátfalva District
Bélapátfalvai járás
180.89 8,978 50 Bélapátfalva 8
2 Eger District
Egri járás
602.05 87,939 146 Eger 22
3 Füzesabony District
Füzesabonyi járás
578.55 30,416 53 Füzesabony 16
4 Gyöngyös District
Gyöngyösi járás
750.78 73,834 98 Gyöngyös 25
5 Hatvan District
Hatvani járás
352.16 51,246 146 Hatvan 13
6 Heves District
Hevesi járás
697.68 35,036 50 Heves (town) 17
7 Pétervására District
Pétervásárai járás
475.07 21,433 45 Pétervására 20
Heves County 3,637.25 308,882 85 Eger 121



Countyhall of Heves.

The Heves County Council, elected at the 2014 local government elections, is made up of 15 counselors, with the following party composition:[5]

    Party Seats Current County Assembly
  Fidesz-KDNP 8                
  Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) 4                
  Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) 2                
  Democratic Coalition (DK) 1                

Presidents of the General Assembly[edit]

List of Presidents, from 1990[6]
Róbert Szabó (Fidesz-KDNP) 2014–


Heves County has 1 urban county, 10 towns, 3 large villages and 107 villages.

City with county rights

(ordered by population, as of 2011 census)

  • Blason eger.png Eger (56,569) – county seat

Red pog.svg municipalities are large villages.


International relations[edit]

Heves County has a partnership relationship with:[7][8]


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