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Hewlett-Packard Israel
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Hewlett-Packard Israel (Hebrew: היולט-פקארד ישראל‎) offers products of hardware, technology, and services to consumers, businesses, and public administration. The company offers imaginative printing solutions, machinery, printers, digital imaging devices such as cameras and scanners, solutions for personal computing for consumerss, netbooks, laptops, workstations, electronic devices and devices for connection to the Internet. HP Israel was founded in 1998, and is headquartered in Ra'anana, Israel. HP Israel is a subsidiary of the US company Hewlett-Packard.[1]


Cooperation with the IDF[edit]

HP Israel has provided services and advanced technology to the Israel Defense Forces, including the administration of the electronic infrastructure of the Israeli Navy. HP Israel, has supplied the Basel system to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and has taken over its development, installation, and maintenance on the ground. The Basel access and control system is a system of biometric sensors, which has been designed to control the Palestinian citizens. This system is installed in the Israeli military checkpoints, which are on the border with the Gaza Strip and in the occupied West Bank. This system has been financed by the Federal Government of the United States, after signing the memorandum of Wye plantation.[clarification needed]

In 2011, the Israeli Ministry of Defense responded to a question that had been asked by Who profits?, in relation to the Basel control system, confirming that HP Israel, was hired by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, to operate and maintain in operation the Basel control system. The Ministry of Defense of Israel indicated that the system had been installed at the following checkpoints in the occupied Palestinian West Bank: Jericho, Bethlehem, Jenin, Nablus, Tulkarem, Hebron, Abu Dis, Tarkumia, and near the door of Efraim.[clarification needed][2]

In 2014, the Israeli Ministry of Defense responded to a question about the freedom of information asked by Who Profits?. The ministry told the media that HP Israel had been hired to keep the Basel biometric sensor system operational at the Israeli checkpoints, at least until the year 2015.