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St hex game.JPG
Developer(s) Mark of the Unicorn
Designer(s) Steven Linhart [1]
Platform(s) Atari ST (original)
Release 1985 (ST) [1]
Genre(s) Turn-based strategy

Hex is a turn-based strategy game developed by Mark of the Unicorn and published in 1985 for the then-new Atari ST, and later for the Amiga. The player controls a unicorn that is trying to turn all the hexes on the game board to the same colour. Opponents attempt to turn them to a different colour and thus defeat the unicorn. As the unicorn levels up, new spells are added to its repertoire, but only 5 can be used at any given time.


COMPUTE! called Hex "one of the most challenging and fascinating strategy games yet devised for a computer".[2]

In a January 1986 review for Antic, Suede Barstow wrote "...Hex is a clean piece of programming and one of the best strategy-board games I've seen on a computer. It sets a high standard for future ST entertainments."[3]


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