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Dance Team performs at the 2005 Texas Hex Rally

Hex Rally (sometimes Texas Hex) was a pep rally at The University of Texas at Austin that occurred in the week before the annual football game between the Texas Longhorns and their in-state rivals, the Texas A&M Aggies.[1] In an effort to prevent the tradition from dying, in 2012, despite having no traditional basis, the Hex Rally will be held before the TCU game.


Before the 1941 game, a group also attempted to hex the Aggies with a bonfire, similar in structure to the Aggie Bonfire. However, there was not sufficient lumber to build one as large, and student interest was lacking. UT Bonfire eventually died out in the mid-1980s. The physics department at the university decided to build an iron candle-like torch as a replacement, which is lit each year at the rally.[2]

The rally has been held annually, except in 2002 after the death of Texas A&M football player Brandon Fails, and 1999 when the rally's tone was altered in response to the tragedy of the Aggie bonfire collapse; organizers extended an invitation to all Aggies and their friends to the event, which was dubbed a "Unity Gathering." Instead of red candles, participants lit white candles in memory of the fallen Aggies.[3]


Fans light red candles at the 2008 Texas Hex rally.

The Texas Exes Student Chapter, sponsored by the Texas Exes alumni organization, organized the event. The Longhorn Band, cheerleading squad, Smokey the Cannon, the World's Largest Texas Flag, and football team all appeared at the event, where red candles were burned.[2]

The 2008 rally, held November 24, 2008, featured Longhorn football head coach Mack Brown, strength and conditioning coach, Jeff "Mad Dog" Madden, and the Longhorn Football Team.[4]


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