Hexastylis shuttleworthii

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Hexastylis shuttleworthii
Hexastylis shuttleworthii.jpg
Scientific classification
H. shuttleworthii
Binomial name
Hexastylis shuttleworthii
(Britten & Baker f.) Small

Hexastylis shuttleworthii, commonly known as largeflower heartleaf, is a flowering plant in the pipevine family. This plant is a low growing, rhizomatous perennial that produces jug-shaped flowers in early summer. It is native to the Southeastern United States.

There are two named varieties:[1]

  • Hexastylis shuttleworthii var. harperi - Native to Georgia, Alabama, and northeast Mississippi. Found in bogs and acidic hammocks.
  • Hexastylis shuttleworthii var. shuttleworthii - Native to the southern Appalachians. Found in acidic soil along creeks, often in dark woods underneath Rhododendron maximum.


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