Hexham Racecourse

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Hexham racecourse logo.jpg
Hexham Racecourse logo
Location Hexham, Northumberland
Date opened c. 1720
Screened on At The Races
Course type National Hunt
Official website

Hexham Racecourse is a thoroughbred horse racing track located in Hexham, Northumberland, England.[1]

Situated 800 feet above sea level at High Yarridge, just south of the town, the course is a left-handed circuit of about one and a half miles with a short uphill climb on the approach to the finishing straight and a run-in of 250 yards. The run in is perfectly flat with zero gradient. When approaching the last fence the last 60 yards is slightly downhill.Hexham is a National Hunt course with ten fences for the steeplechasers to negotiate. Its principal race is the Heart of All England Hunter Chase.[2]

Hexham is the most northerly National Hunt course in England and its remote position means that no races are held in February.[3]


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