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Hey! Luciani: The Life and Codex of John Paul I is a play written by Mark E. Smith, best known as the lead singer of the band The Fall.[1] Described by its author as "a cross between Shakespeare and The Prisoner", the play centres on the mysterious death of Pope John Paul I in 1978.[2]

Starring Smith and the performance artist Leigh Bowery, Hey! Luciani: The Life and Codex of John Paul I ran for two weeks in December 1986 at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, west London. In the same month, The Fall released one of the songs from the play, "Hey! Luciani," as a single.

Versions of other songs from the play have also been released as tracks on Fall albums:

  • "Dktr. Faustus" (on Bend Sinister, 1986)
  • "Living Too Late" (single, featured on some formats of Bend Sinister, 1986)
  • "Mark'll Sink Us", "Haf Found Bormann", "Sleep Debt Snatches" (b-sides to "There's A Ghost In My House", 1987, collected on 458489 B-Sides, 1990)