Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)

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"Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)"
B-side to "Turquoise" by Donovan
Published 1965
Released 30 October 1965
Recorded October 1965, Peer Music, Denmark Street, London, England
Genre Folk rock
Label Pye Records
Songwriter(s) Donovan
Producer(s) Peter Eden, Geoff Stephens and Terry Kennedy
"Hey Gyp"
Song by Eric Burdon & The Animals
from the album Animalism
Released 1966
Recorded 4 July 1966
Genre Psychedelic rock, Acid rock,
Length 3:46
Label MGM Records
Songwriter(s) Donovan
Producer(s) Tom Wilson

"Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)" is a song by Donovan. Donovan based it on the song "Can I Do It For You" by Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy. The name "Gyp" refers to Donovan's best friend, Gyp Mills, known then as Gypsy Dave, and is one of many songs that Donovan wrote and recorded as a dedication to his close friends.

Pye Records first released the song in the UK as the B-side to Donovan's song "Turquoise" in October 1965. The single was also licensed in this fashion in Canada, France, and Scandinavia. Hickory Records released it as the A-side to Vietnam-themed "The War Drags On" in July 1966. The single was reissued in Frace as a B-side to "Colours in 1975. The song has since been issued on numerous collections of Donovan's music and as a bonus track to his 1965 album Fairytale.

Cover versions[edit]

The Animals released their version of the song in December 1966 on the album Animalism. After reconfiguring the band as "Eric Burdon and the Animals', they continued to perform it in their live set and released it as the title track of a 4-song EP in France in 1967.

The Soul Survivors also released the song as the B-side to their hit "Expressway to Your Heart". "Hey Gyp" has also been covered by the Belfast Gypsies, Knights of Day, the Underdog Blues Band, 3½, Keith Shields, Santa Esmeralda, the Truth, the Orphans, and The Astro Zombies. The song was also released as "Chevrolet" by Jim Kweskin on the 1966 LP Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band, with Maria D'Amato (later Muldaur of Geoff and Maria Muldaur). Et al: Original: Memphis Minnie & Joe McCoy ( U.S.A. ) - Can I do it for you ( Memphis Minnie - Kansas Joe McCoy ( 1930 ). Covers: Lonnie Young & Ed Young ( U.S.A. ) - Chevrolet ( recorded: 1959, released: 1960 ). Donovan ( U.K. ) - Hey gyp ( dig the slowness ) ( 30/10/1930 ). Peter Belli & Les Rivals ( Denmark ) - Det du kan li ( 1965 ). The Animals ( U.K. ) - Hey gyp ( recorded: 7/1966, released: 21/11/1966 ). The Truth ( U.K. ) - Hey gyp ( dig the slowness ) ( 11/1966 ). Soul Survivors ( U.S.A. ) - Hey gyp ( 7/1967 ). Them ( U.K. ) - Hey gyp ( dig the slowness ) ( 8/1967 ). Los Shain's ( Perú ) - 3 carros, una casa y otras cosas ( 1968 ). Los Pingos ( Mexico ) - Botas a go go ( 196? ). Santa Esmeralda ( U.S.A./ France ) - Hey gyp ( 1977 ) and several more.