Heyden Power Station

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Heyden power station is located near Petershagen in Germany. The current station was commissioned in 1987, but the site has been used for power generation since 1950. It is owned and operated by the German energy corporation Uniper.

It is a coal-fired station with the largest unit capacity of any European power station: 865 MW. The hard coal it burns arrives several times a day by rail or by ship to its own dock on the river Weser from all over the world to be stored until use; the station stockpiles a month's supply of coal. At full capacity Heyden burns 265 tonnes of coal every hour, and is seldom not running as it supplies most of the daily base electricity demand.


Heyden has been fitted with a flue-gas desulfurization plant, and cleans 99% of the dust from its emissions and 90% of the sulphur.


Heyden outputs 2700 tonnes of steam per hour, has 32 pulverised coal burners, and its chimney is 225 metres high.


Coordinates: 52°22′55″N 8°59′54″E / 52.38194°N 8.99833°E / 52.38194; 8.99833