Heyran Khanim

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Heyran Khanim
Heyran khanim.png
Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan
Tabriz, Iran

Heyran Khanim was an Azerbaijani poet who lived in the first half of the 19th century.[1]


Khanim was born in Nakhchivan into an aristocratic family. Her birth and death dates are unknown. Heyran Khanim moved to Iran in the beginning of the 19th century and lived in Tabriz until the end of her life. She knew Persian and Arabic languages and learned classical literature of the East.[citation needed]

Khanim wrote lyrical poems of various forms, including ghazals, mukhammasses, ruba'is, and gasidas in Azerbaijani and Persian languages.[citation needed]

Ardent, kind and selfless love is the main theme of her poetry.[citation needed] She blames life, protests against evil and social unfairness, violation of rights and oppressed situation of women.[citation needed]


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