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Heysham Port is the port of Heysham, Lancashire, England. It is served by Heysham Port railway station.

A Map of the port of Heysham


In 1891 the Midland Railway gave notice of its intention to develop a harbour at Heysham and appointed consulting engineers James Abernethy and his son to undertake a feasibility study of the project. The plan was for an enclosed dock accessed through a lock, this idea made no further progress.

In 1895 a much larger Heysham port plan was put forward by Messrs James Abernethy & Son in conjunction with the Midland Railway's chief engineer. This formed the basis of the harbour which was built, although there were many changes as work progressed and the full scheme was never completed. In 1896 an enabling Act of Parliament was obtained for the construction of the harbour and the contract for construction of the harbour was let in July 1897. The project cost about £3 million.[citation needed][1]

The first ship to dock at Heysham was the Antrim, one of the ships that the Midland Railway had ordered for Heysham services. She came into the harbour on delivery from builders, John Brown at Clydebank on 31 May 1904. The first passenger sailing was a day trip to Douglas, Isle of Man by the Londonderry on 13 August 1904.

Heysham Port was acquired by Mersey Docks and Harbour Company in May 2001.[2]

North Quay

Ships in operation[edit]

Ships that operate out of Heysham Port

Picture Name Built
Route(s) Capacity Port of Registry Company
Ben-my-chree..jpg MS
Ben-my-Chree [VI]
April 1998
(July 1998)
Douglas - Heysham
Douglas - Birkenhead
Douglas - Dublin
630 Passenger
275 Cars
Isle of Man Douglas
Isle of Man Steam Packet Company
ManannanHeysham.JPG HSC
November 1998
(May 2009)
Douglas - Heysham
(Summer TT and Ben-my-Chree
Dry docking only)
800+ passengers
200 vehicles
Isle of Man Douglas
Isle of Man Steam Packet Company
Clipper Pennant.jpg MS
Clipper Pennant
August 2009
(October 2009)
Heysham - Warrenpoint
120 trailers
Cyprus Limassol
Seatruck Ferries
Seatruck Panorama
November 2008
(January 2009)
Heysham - Warrenpoint
120 trailers
Cyprus Limassol
Seatruck Ferries
Clipper Point at Heysham.jpg MS
Clipper Point
March 2008
(March 2008)
Heysham - Dublin
120 trailers
Cyprus Limassol
Seatruck Ferries
StenaPerformerSLR.jpg MS
Stena Performer
April 2012
(April 2012)
Heysham - Belfast
151 trailers
Isle of Man Douglas
Stena have chartered from Seatruck Ferries
StenaHiberniaPIC.jpg MS Stena Hibernia
Heysham - Belfast
114 trailers
Vlaardingen Vlaardingen

Current routes[edit]

The routes which Heysham port offers:

  • Heysham - Dublin (Seatruck Ferries)
  • Heysham - Warrenpoint (Seatruck Ferries)
  • Heysham - Douglas (Isle of Man Steam Packet Co)
  • Heysham - Belfast (Stena Line)
  • Heysham - Greenland (GNT Ferries


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