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Heywood Banks
Born January 1, 1951
Occupation Comedian, Songwriter

Heywood Banks (real name Stuart Mitchell) is an American comedian, and writer and performer of humorous songs.[1][2]

His songs include "Toast", "Fly's Eyes", "Wiper Blades", "Pancreas", "Big Butter Jesus"[3] (a song about the King of Kings statue), "18 Wheels (on a Big Rig)", "The One Eye Love" & "The Cat Got Dead".

Heywood frequently appears on the nationally syndicated radio program The Bob and Tom Show. His most popular and widely known song is called "Toast," (played on a toaster with a pair of forks). Another recurring song that B&T occasionally play is "Trauma to the Groin." Heywood's songs have also been played on the Dr. Demento Show.

Banks' "The Revenge Song" (also known as "You Can Be Mean to Me") was performed on American Idol on 1/16/07 by an "urban Amish"[4] singer called Troy.

Banks lives near Flint, Michigan.


  • If Pigs Had Wings
  • Treated and Released
  • Picky Picky Picky
  • difErnt
  • Pretending I'm Not Home
  • Big Butter
  • Never Trust A Puppet

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