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Type of site
Social discovery platform for games
Available in English
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Key people
Employees 20
Website heyzap.com
Launched January 2009

Heyzap is a social discovery and monetization platform for mobile games and apps. Heyzap is based in San Francisco and was founded in 2009 by Jude Gomila and Immad Akhund.[1][2][3] Since then, Heyzap has raised funding from a number of investors including Y Combinator, angel investors Naval Ravikant and Chris Dixon, the founder of del.icio.us, Joshua Schachter [4] and Union Square Ventures.[5][6][7] Heyzap's platform recommends mobile ads based on Heyzap's social platform data[8] using machine-learning algorithms.[9] Heyzap was sold in 2015 to RTNS Media for $45M.[10]


In January 2009, Heyzap launched a widget service for embedding flash games on the web.[11] Heyzap later launched a virtual goods platform for flash games allowing developers to insert micro-transaction systems into their games and enables the games to be monetized.[12][13]

In March and April 2010, Heyzap added social games[14] and released its Arcade Bar.[15] Shortly after raising $3 million in funding,[16] Heyzap announced its new Heyzap Arcade [17] service for powering website games sections and updated API support for HTML5 games.

In March 2011, Heyzap launched a social discovery app for mobile gamers.[18] The Heyzap app provided users with a way to check into their favorite games, discover games and join a massive community of mobile gamers. Heyzap allowed users to compete on leaderboards,[19] challenge friends,[20][21] and earn achievements and badges.[22]

In March 2013, Heyzap announced the launch of its mobile-game focused advertising network,[23][24][25] quickly growing to a majority of Heyzap's revenue and the primary business focus of the company.[26] Heyzap offers multiple ad formats including interstitial, video, and cross-promotion.[27] Additionally, Heyzap became the first mobile ad network to offer payments via the digital currency bitcoin.[28]

As of April 2014, Heyzap claims to have been integrated into 5,000 mobile games and apps and to have a profitable business with a revenue run rate of more than $13 million.[29]

In December, 2015, Heyzap was sold to RNTS Media for $45M.[30]


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