Hezhang County

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Hezhang County
Country People's Republic of China
Province Guizhou
Prefecture-level city Bijie
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Hezhang (Chinese: 赫章; pinyin: Hèzhāng) is a county in the west of Guizhou province, China. It is under the administration of Bijie City.

Ethnic groups[edit]

The Hezhang County Almanac (2001:105-108) lists the following ethnic groups and their respective locations.

  • Bai: 3,856 persons (1995)
    • Qixingmin 七姓民: located in Yongkang 永康 and Shanmuqing 杉木箐, Shuitangbao Township 水塘堡乡
      • Autonyms/Yi exonyms: Luoju 罗举, Zhuoluoju 卓罗举
      • Historical names: Boren 僰人 and Baizi 白子
      • Other names: Qixingmin 七姓民 and Minjia 民家
      • Surnames: 张、李、苏、杨、赵、许、钱
      • Locations: ancestors from Sandaohe 三道河, Weining County 威宁县
    • Nanjingren 南京人 (Yi exonym: Awutu 阿武吐)
  • Buyi: 2,939 persons (1995): in Nongchang Village 农场村, Kele Township 可乐乡 (pop. 332)

Ethnic Bai are also found in:

  • Sanjiazhai 三家寨, Kele Township 可乐乡
  • Wopi 窝皮寸、Zexiong 则雄, Songlinpo Township 松林坡乡


The county has large reserves of coal, iron, lead, zinc, and germanium. Mining had been and remains a major industry; however, inadequate management and regulation of zinc mining has resulted in widespread cadmium poisoning.[1]



Coordinates: 27°07′26″N 104°43′41″E / 27.12389°N 104.72806°E / 27.12389; 104.72806