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Also known asPisaj
OriginBangkok, Thailand
GenresHeavy metal
Rock ballads
Glam metal
Funk rock
Years active1988–1996, 2006–present
LabelsRS Promotion
Neo Music Network (in the name of HIROCKSHIMA)
Associated actsSMF
Thanapol Intharit
Pisut Subwijit
MembersPornprom Pumsawas
Purish Sukarom
Rangsan Wongsak
Seri Vihokhean
Anurak Yingnakhon
Damrongsith Srinak
Past membersSurat Tabwang
Pacharawat Banthon
Watchara Chandrabutr
Warawut Panitkul
Adinant Nokteat
Kitisak Kongsamai (death 2017)

Hi-Rock (Thai: ไฮ-ร็อก) were a Thai rock band famous and popular in the 1990s.


The band formed in 1984 by Tui–Anurak Yingnakhon (ตุ้ย: อนุรักษ์ ยิ่งนคร) and Mac–Seri Vihokhean (แม็ก: เสรี วิหคเหิน) and brought together musicians to add more. The name "Hi-Rock" comes from playing regularly at Hard Rock Cafe in Siam Square neighbourhood and the owner was the name given to.

Later, when the lead vocals has resigned, the band has Pe–Surat Tabwang (เป้: สุรัช ทับวัง) backed up.[1]

Hi-Rock played their first public appearance in midyear 1989 with a back-up band for Pathomporn Pathomporn (ปฐมพร ปฐมพร) at Ramkhamhaeng University among tens of thousands of attendances. At that time, they were asked to change the name to Pisaj temporarily. Later signed with RS Promotion with the persuasion of the scout Suea–Thanapol Intharit (เสือ: ธนพล อินทฤทธิ์).

Hi-Rock achieved immediate success with the release of their first studio album Khon Pan Rock in 1990, dressed in a colorful costume, eye makeup, inspired by Cinderella and Loudness.[2]

Hi-Rock has released three studio albums in 1991, 1993 and 1996. Before Surat quit in 1997, the band changed name to HIROCKSHIMA and replaced the new lead vocals. But not as successful as the past.[3][4][5][6]


Current members

  • An–Pornprom Pumsawas (อั๋น: พรพรหม พุ่มสวัสดิ์): Lead vocals
  • Jon–Purish Sukarom (จ้อน: ภูริช สุขารมณ์): Bass
  • Kob–Rangsan Wongsak (กบ: รังสรรค์ วงศ์ศักดิ์): Bass
  • Tok (ต็อก): bass
  • Mac–Seri Vihokhoen (แม็ก: เสรี วิหคเหิน): Keyboards
  • Tui–Anurak Yingnakhon (ตุ้ย: อนุรักษ์ ยิ่งนคร): Guitar
  • Pingpong–Damrongsith Srinak (ปิงปอง: ดำรงสิทธิ์ ศรีนาค): Drums

Former members

  • Pe–Surat Tabwang (เป้: สุรัช ทับวัง): Lead vocals
  • Tom–Pacharawat Banthon (ทอม: พชรวัฒน์ บรรทอน): Lead vocals (only in single Kue Niran in 2013)
  • Tom–Watchara Chandrabutr (ต้อม: วัชระ จันทรบุตร): Keyboards (only fourth studio album)
  • Tong–Warawut Panitkul (โต้ง: วรวุธ พานิชกุล): Guitar (special)
  • Toei–Kitisak Kongsamai (เต้ย: กิติศักดิ์ คงสมัย): Drums (only first studio album and single Kue Niran; died on July 8, 2017 from liver cancer, aged 52 years[7])


Studio albums

  • คนพันธุ์ร็อก (Khon Pan Rock; 1990)
  • บัญญัติผ่าแปด (Banyat Pa Paed; 1991)
  • เจ็บกว่านี้มีอีกไหม (Jeb Khwa Nee Mee Eek Mai; 1993)
  • เอชไอวี (H IV; 1996)


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