Hi Fi (Hugh Cornwell album)

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Hi Fi
Hi Fi Album.jpg
UK release cover
Studio album by Hugh Cornwell
Released 2000
Recorded Bath
Genre Alternative rock
Label Koch Entertainment
Producer Laurie Latham
Hugh Cornwell chronology
Hi Fi
Footprints in the Desert
Alternative cover
U.S./Europe release, 2001
U.S./Europe release, 2001

Hi Fi is an album by Hugh Cornwell, released in 2000. All instrumentation is by Hugh Cornwell with appearances from Justin Chapman, Michelle Marti, Mike Polson, Gita Langley, Jesse Murphy, Rachel Helleur, Úna Palliser and John Dominic.

The album was released in the US and Europe under the same title but with different artwork, an additional version of "Gingerbread Girl" and two live tracks.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Leave Me Alone"
  2. "One Day At A Time"
  3. "All The Colours Of The Rainbow"
  4. "Putting You In The Shade"
  5. "The Big Sleep"
  6. "Miss Teazyweezy"
  7. "Dark Side Of The Room"
  8. "Lay Back On Me Pal"
  9. "Gingerbread Girl"
  10. "The Prison's Going Down"

US/European track listing[edit]

  1. "Leave Me Alone"
  2. "Gingerbread Girl (Bitten By the Dog)"
  3. "One Day At A Time"
  4. "All The Colours Of The Rainbow"
  5. "Putting You In The Shade"
  6. "The Big Sleep"
  7. "Miss Teazyweezy"
  8. "Dark Side Of The Room"
  9. "Lay Back On Me Pal"
  10. "Gingerbread Girl"
  11. "Golden Brown (live)"
  12. "Always The Sun (live)"