Hi Honey – I'm Dead

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Hi Honey - I'm Dead
Genre Comedy
Written by Carl Kleinschmitt
Directed by Alan Myerson
Starring Curtis Armstrong
Catherine Hicks
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Kevin Conroy
Theme music composer Roger Bellon
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Paul Rudnick
Cinematography James Hayman
Editor(s) Gary Karr
Running time 92 minutes
Production company(s) Paula Rudnick Productions
FNM Films
Distributor Fox
Original network Fox
Original release April 22, 1991

Hi Honey – I'm Dead is a 1991 Fox Network made-for-TV film starring Curtis Armstrong and Catherine Hicks.

Plot summary[edit]

Brad Stadler is a dishonest real estate developer who spends too much time at work. He cheats on his wife and has no time for son Josh's baseball games. God decides that Brad's time has come. After an accident at his construction site, he is given a new body and identity as Arnold Pischkin. A wisecracking angel named Ralph explains everything to Brad and that he must make up for his sins to go to heaven. Brad has to get used to his new life without money and good looks. He becomes the housekeeper for his widow and son. He becomes a better man by doing many good deeds.


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