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Hibernia Beach LIVE

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Hibernia Beach LIVE
GenreTalk radio
Running time2-3 hours
Country of origin United States
Home stationKITS
Hosted byKen McPherson
Renée Rotten
Created byKen McPherson
Recording studioSan Francisco, California
Original releaseOctober 1989 –
Opening theme"Hibernia Beach", Pansy Division

Hibernia Beach LIVE was a gay-themed call-in talk radio show broadcast on San Francisco, California rock radio station KITS "Live 105" from October 1989[1] to 2000.[2][3] The program was named after "Hibernia Beach" in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood.

According to host Ken McPherson, "Hibernia Beach began because of a fight between GLAAD and the station..."[4]

While it ran, the program was billed as "the longest-running gay-hosted show on commercial radio",[5] and had an audience of over 40,000 listeners as of 1998.[4] It was broadcast weekly from 11:00 p.m. on Sundays until 2:00 a.m. on Monday mornings;[6] airtimes were later pushed back by an hour, to midnight Sunday nights.[1]

On-air hosts included Ken McPherson (jokingly referred to on air as "America's favorite homosexual"), Geraldine Barr, Renée Rotten, and Ben Carlson.[1] The show was initially formatted as a gay and lesbian public affairs program, but later changed to be inclusive of a broader audience;[7] topics included queer issues, politics, music, relationships, and sexuality.

In 1996, the rock band Pansy Division recorded "Hibernia Beach," a new 40-second opening theme song for the program.[8][9]


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