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Hibriten High School is located in Lenoir, NC. It is a public school in the Caldwell County, North Carolina School system. Caldwell County is located in the foothills region of North Carolina. The school's mascot is the Panther.


Hibriten Academy[edit]

The Hibriten Academy was founded in 1885 on the Wildwood Road. It was a larger school than most of the ones for that period of time as it had three teachers and students of all ages. The rooms were heated with pot-bellied stoves, and the boy students had to cut the wood to keep the fires going. Water was carried to the rooms in a bucket and the students had their own cup to pour the water into from the bucket. Hibriten Academy was consolidated with Kings Creek High at the end of the 1932 school term.[1]

Building and construction of Hibriten High School[edit]

Following a survey of the schools of Caldwell County in 1963, the State Department of Public Instruction recommended that three of the rural schools—Oak Hill, King's Creek, and Happy Valley—be consolidated. It was also recommended that a new building be constructed on a new site for the consolidated high school. Thirty-five acres of land, located in the Lower Creek section of the county, were purchased at a cost of $37,500.

In 1962, an architect was employed for a period of two years to complete plans for the building. Designed in a plan similar to a split-level building, the school consists of three levels and contains departments in science, home economics, English, French, math, social studies, music, physical education, drama, child care center, and vocational studies which include technical drafting, business, introduction to vocations, agriculture, carpentry, graphics, electronics, bricklaying, and the work study programs of industrial cooperative training and distributive education. The building also includes administrative offices for the principal, assistant principal, secretary, guidance suite, visual air room, two first-aid rooms, and a conference room. The cafeteria seats 250 people.

Located at the foot of the Hibriten Mountain, the school was given the name of Hibriten High School. Its mascot is a panther, and the school colors are red, black and white. It is located two miles from the main thoroughfare of the city of Lenoir. The school was officially opened in the fall of 1966 with Kenneth A. Roberts as principal and Ronald Beane as assistant principal. Student enrollment for the 1966-67 school term was 715, with a faculty of 42. The class of 1967 graduated 118 students. Five elementary schools send students to Hibriten High School.

The gymtorium and music building were completed in 1972 with the gym seating 1800 people.[2]

School bands[edit]

The Hibriten High School Symphonic Band is the main band of the school. It was established in 1966.[3] As of Spring 2016, the bands (both symphonic and concert bands) have accumulated fifty-two superior ratings (21 consecutive by the symphonic band from 1994 to 2014), with most of them in Grade VI music (the most difficult level).[3][4]

Of note are the band directors who taught at Hibriten and who are now in the North Carolina Bandmaster's Hall of Fame. These include George Kirsten (George Kirsten's sister Dorothy Kirsten sang operatic mezzo-soprano in the NY Metropolitan Opera), and Camilla Graeber. Other HHS Band directors have been honored by the Northwest District of the NC Bandmasters Association including Dennis Carswell, John Craig,[5] and Bill Witcher.[3][5]

School songs[edit]

Hibriten Fight Song[edit]

The fight song was written by Captain Ralph Ostrom.[6]

Hibriten Panthers, you are number one!
You’ve got the spirit, keep’ em on the run.
Break through that line, and heroes you will be -
We’re behind you, Panthers! Let’s fight for victory!
Charge onward, Panthers, for red, black, and white;
Fight team forever, give it all your might!
Though times may be rough, we won’t let victory by -
We’re behind you, Panthers! Let’s fight for victory!

Hibriten Alma Mater[edit]

The alma mater was written by Kathryn Wilson and Jon Craig.[6]

Glory, laud, and honor,
We fondly bring to thee.
All hail our Alma Mater
Thy endless praises be.
Lift high our banner proudly
Thy memories to be nigh
Forever in our hearts
All hail Hibriten High!


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