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Hichkas .jpg
Hichkas Anjam Vazife Tour
Background information
Birth name Soroush Lashkary
Also known as Hichkas
Born (1985-05-09) May 9, 1985 (age 33)
Origin Tehran, Iran
Genres Rap, Hip Hop, Experimental Music
Occupation(s) Rapper, songwriter, record producer, actor
Years active 2000–present [1]
Labels Moltafet, 021, Candis, Saamet
Associated acts Mahdyar Aghajani, Reveal, Yas, Kool G Rap, Zedbazi, Pishro, Lowkey, Quf, Dariush, Fadaei
Website www.hichkas.me

Soroush Lashkary (Persian: Sorūŝ Laŝkari - سروش لشکری‎; born May 9, 1985) better known by his stage name Hichkas (Persian: Hiĉkas - هیچکس‎; meaning "No One")[2] is an Iranian rapper from Tehran.[3] Hichkas is considered as one of pioneers of Iranian hip hop and is nicknamed "Godfather of Persian Rap" (Persian پدرخوانده رپ فارسی pedarkhande rap-e farsi).[4][5]

Hichkas is known for membership in a supergroup called 021 (the area code for Tehran).[5][6] In about 2003, he started his work in Vanak participating in Persian free-styling with people who also cover some English language songs in the Rap battle.[5] Hichkas gained attention when he began rapping in Persian about social problems and the younger generation in Iran.[5] Hichkas is commonly referred to as the Godfather of Iranian rap.[7]

Hichkas has collaborated with a number of International hip hop artists including the legendary American hip hop artist Kool G Rap.[8][9]


Studio albums[edit]

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Anjām Vazife (The Tour of Duty EP) produced by Mahdyar Aghajani (2011)

International collaborations[edit]


  • 'Gerye Dare' (Release date: 3 January 2017)
  • 'Tof' (Release date: 5 October 2015)
  • 'Firooz' produced by Mahdyar Aghajani (2015)
  • 'Mooye Parishoon' (feat. Roya Arab, Dariush) 2012
  • 'Ashegham' (2012)
  • 'Man Age To Nabashi' (2012)
  • 'Ye Rooze Khoob Miad' (2010)
  • 'Nefrat' (Remix) (2010)
  • 'Oon Mesle Dadasham Bood' (Release Date: 2 February 2012)
  • 'Killing Fields' feat. Roya Arab (Live at Leighton House Museum) (2012)
  • 'Ye Mosht Sarbaz (Bunch of Soldiers)' (Release Date: 13 May 2008)
  • 'Tiripe Ma' feat. Reveal (2004)
  • 'Bazam Kalan' (music by Mahdyar Aghajani)
  • 'Paa Bar Jaa feat. Bidad (music by Mahdyar Aghajani)
  • 'Chera Azam Badet Miyad'
  • 'Har Tor Shodeh Migam' (music by Mahdyar Aghajani)
  • 'To 021' feat. Reveal
  • 'Pedar'
  • 'Manam Hamintor' (music by Mahdyar Aghajani)
  • 'Baxe Soroush'
  • 'Jibe Baba' feat. Reza Pishro
  • 'Komak' feat. Yas (music by Mahdyar Aghajani)
  • 'Vase Har Irani' feat. Zedbazi

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