Hicks Withers-Lancashire

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Hicks Withers-Lancashire (1829 - 30 January 1909), also known as Hicks Withers, was a British veterinary surgeon.

He was born in Ham Green in Somerset (now part of Bristol) to Samuel Withers, a veterinary surgeon and Martha Lancashire.

Hicks joined the army as a vet with the Royal Horse Artillery. He was involved in the Crimean War and was present at the Charge of the Light Brigade, the Alma, Sebastapol, Balaklava and Inkerman. Later, in the Indian Mutiny, he was at the relief of the Siege of Lucknow.

In the 1890s, he became the Lord of the Manor of Stockbridge in Hampshire until 1902 when it was sold to Mr. R. P. Attenborough.[1]


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