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A JR Central KiHa 85 DMU at Mino-Ōta Station

The Hida (ひだ Hida?) is a limited express train service operated by Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) along the Takayama Main Line in central Japan. The service runs from Nagoya Station (with one service a day from Osaka Station rather than Nagoya) via Gifu and Gero stations to Takayama in just over two hours.

After typhoon Tokage in 2004, the track suffered major damage from flooding. As a result, instead of going all the way to Toyama Station, trains could only go as far as Hida-Furukawa Station until September 8, 2007, when the track was repaired and again reached all the way to Toyama Station.[1]

Rolling stock[edit]

All trains are formed of KiHa 85 diesel multiple unit (DMU) sets, usually as 4-, 6-, or 7-car formations.