Hidalgo: La historia jamás contada

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Hidalgo: La historia jamás contada
Mexican poster
Directed by Antonio Serrano
Produced by María de Lourdes García Rivera
Luis Urquiza Mondragón
Written by Antonio Serrano
Leo Eduardo Mendoza[1]
Story by Leo Eduardo Mendoza
Starring Demián Bichir
Ana de la Reguera
Cecilia Suárez
Raúl Mendéz
Miguel Rodarte
Andrés Palacios
Music by Alejandro Giacomán
Cinematography Emiliano Villanueva
Distributed by Videocine (Mexico)
Release date
  • September 16, 2010 (2010-09-16)
Running time
115 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish
Budget $4.5 million

Hidalgo: La historia jamás contada (English: Hidalgo: The Untold Story) is a Mexican film directed by Antonio Serrano. It is about Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and his part in the Mexican War of Independence. It the Mexico's forthcoming bicentenary that prompted Serrano to make the film,[2] and premiered in Mexico City on September 16, 2010, the day after the bicentenary was celebrated.[3]


As punishment for his progressive ideas, the priest Miguel Hidalgo is forced to abandon his wife and children and sent by the ecclesiastical authority to a small town. There, in San Felipe Torres, he helps the local people and produces the stage play Tartuffe. He becomes an enemy of the traditional Puritan faction in the town for his liberal attitude and subversive tendencies.


Production and reception[edit]

The film was shot on location in Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí and Michoacán. On its release date, 500 copies of film were released into cinemas throughout Mexico. 20th Century Fox's vice-president for Latin America, Eduardo Echevarria, said: "We're talking about one of the biggest releases of all time in terms of number of copies, with a strong campaign behind it."[4]

Demián Bichir won the Colon de Plata best actor award at the Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva for his portrayal of the priest.[3][5]


The music of the film was composed by Alejandro Giacomán.


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