Hidden Stash III

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Hidden Stash III
Compilation album by
ReleasedNovember 21, 2006
GenreRap rock
LabelSuburban Noize
ProducerBrad Daddy X
Kottonmouth Kings chronology
Koast II Koast
Hidden Stash III
Cloud Nine
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]

Hidden Stash III is the second b-sides and rarities collection from the Kottonmouth Kings, released on November 21, 2006, and is a 3 disc CD-DVD combo.[2][3] The album peaked #199 on the Billboard 200 and #12 on the Top Independent Albums chart on the week of December 9, 2006.[4] The album is composed of b-sides, remixes, solo tracks from Kottonmouth Kings members, and songs by other artists that feature guest appearances by Kottonmouth Kings members.

Track listing[edit]

Disc One[edit]

# Title Featured Artist Time Original Release
1 Gone Git High Kottonmouth Kings 4:14 Hidden Stash III
2 Still Smokin' Kottonmouth Kings (feat. Saint Dog) 4:01 Droppin Bombs
3 Feels So Good D-Loc 3:31
4 Things I Do, Pt. 2 Johnny Richter 3:14 SRH Presents: Supporting Radical Habits
5 The Underground Big B (feat. Daddy X) 3:20 White Trash Renegade by Big B
6 That's How It Goes Kingspade 3:35 Hidden Stash III
7 Chronic Weed Judge D (feat. Johnny Richter) 3:13 No Compromize by Judge D (as "Kronik")
8 Legalize or Legal Lies Daddy X & Pakelika 2:41 Hidden Stash III
9 Dust To Dust D-Loc & Judge D 3:11 Subnoize Souljaz
10 Police Story Kottonmouth Kings 4:30 SRH Presents: Spaded, Jaded, & Faded
11 One Life Daddy X, Johnny Richter & Judge D 4:07 Droppin Bombs
12 Pimpin' Lessons Kottonmouth Kings 3:19 Nickel Bag EP
13 Set Me Free Daddy X & Saint Dog 4:14 Droppin Bombs
14 Karma Kottonmouth Kings 4:00 Hidden Stash III
15 Hit That Big B (feat. Johnny Richter) 3:34 White Trash Renegade by Big B
16 The Bomb Daddy X 3:36 Family Ties by Daddy X
17 Same Ole Story The Dirtball (feat. Daddy X) 3:00 Raptillion by The Dirtball
18 My Selecta DJ Bobby B (feat. Dog Boy and Kona Gold) 6:19 SRH Presents: Spaded, Jaded, & Faded

Disc Two[edit]

# Title Featured Artist Time Original Release
1 Hidden Stash Kottonmouth Kings 3:38 Hidden Stash III
2 Keep a Lookout D-Loc, Johnny Richter, and Judge D 3:58 Subnoize Souljaz
3 Somethin 4 Your Stereo Saint Dog (feat. Daddy X) 4:47 USA (Unconformable Social Amputees) by Saint Dog (as "Subnoize Anthem")
4 Stick Together (Remix) Kottonmouth Kings 4:35 Hidden Stash III
5 Last Daze Daddy X (feat. Dog Boy and Big B) 3:24 Family Ties by Daddy X
6 Let's Ride Kottonmouth Kings 2:47 Subnoize Souljaz
7 Remember Me Big B (feat. D-Loc) 3:10 White Trash Renegade by Big B (as "Remember")
8 The Lottery (Stackin' Chips Remix) Kottonmouth Kings 5:00 The Lottery Remixes
9 Batter Swang The Dirtball (feat. Daddy X) 3:20 Raptillion by The Dirtball
10 Lady Killer Johnny Richter 3:04 The Lottery Remixes
11 Losin' Streak Daddy X and Judge D 2:54 Hidden Stash III
12 Flyin' High Daddy X, Pakelika, Dirtball, and Chucky Styles 3:30 Droppin Bombs
13 Summertime Johnny Richter, Big B, and Saint Dog 4:00 Subnoize Souljaz
14 Power Trippin' Judge D (feat. Daddy X) 3:41 No Compromize by Judge D
15 Money Daddy X 3:40 Family Ties by Daddy X
16 Rip N Tear Daddy X, Chucky Styles, and Saint Dog 3:43 Hidden Stash III
17 Peace of Mind (Remix) Kottonmouth Kings 3:46
18 Wake N Bake Daddy X 4:19 Family Ties by Daddy X

Bonus DVD[edit]

# Title Featured Artist Time
1 Everybody Move Kottonmouth Kings 4:20
2 It Feels So Good D-Loc 3:35
3 Where's the Weed At? Kottonmouth Kings 5:00
4 Put It Down Kottonmouth Kings & Cypress Hill 4:17
5 Peace Of Mind Kottonmouth Kings 3:47
6 King Klick Kottonmouth Kings 4:10
7 Neva Stop Kottonmouth Kings 4:02
8 Enjoy (Live) Kottonmouth Kings 3:47
9 Get Ready Hed PE 3:03
10 Mayday Subnoize Souljaz 4:21
11 Just Me Dirtball 2:39
12 Uncle Sam Subnoize Souljaz 5:05
13 Road Rage Mower 2:00
14 Weapon X X-Clan 2:58
15 Let Us Know Subnoize Souljaz 3:39
16 Local Dub Too Rude 3:48
17 My Show Dirtball 3:12
18 Mindbender Daddy X 3:25
19 White Trash Renegade Big B 3:33
20 Party OPM 3:43
21 Luffy(actual song name is for tonight) OPM 3:07
22 Freedom Daddy X & Corporate Avenger 5:47
23 Lou Dog Presents "Koast II Koast" Kottonmouth Kings 8:01

Chart positions[edit]

Chart (2006) Peak
US Billboard 200 199


  • Daddy X - Vocals, Lyrics
  • D-Loc - Vocals, Lyrics
  • Johnny Richter - Vocals, Lyrics
  • Lou Dogg - Drums, Percussion
  • DJ Bobby B - Engineer, DJ, Programmer, Turntables
  • Pakelika - Vocals, Lyrics ("Leagalize Or Legal Lies", "Flyin' High")
  • Saint Dog - Vocals, Lyrics ("Still Smokin'", "Set Me Free", "Somethin' 4 Your Stereo", "Summertime" "Rip N Tear")
  • Big B - Vocals, Lyrics ("The Underground", "Hit That", "Last Daze", "Remember Me", "Summertime")
  • Judge D - Vocals, Lyrics ("Chronic Weed", "Dust To Dust", "One Life", "Keepa Lookout", "Remember Me", "Losin' Streak", "Power Trippin'")
  • Dog Boy - Vocals, Lyrics ("My Selecta")
  • The Dirtball - Vocals, Lyrics ("Batter Swang", "Flyin' High")
  • Chucky Styles - Vocals, Lyrics ("Rip N Tear")