Hidenao Nakagawa

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Hidenao Nakagawa (中川 秀直, Nakagawa Hidenao, born February 2, 1944) is a Japanese politician who is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party and the House of Representatives of the Diet (parliament).


with members of First Hashimoto Cabinet (at the Prime Minister's Official Residence on January 11, 1996)

He served Yoshirō Mori as Chief Cabinet Secretary from July 2000 to October 2000.[1] In 2006 he was appointed secretary-general of the party.[2]

His son, Toshinao Nakagawa, would later serve as a Representative and Vice Minister of the Economy, Trade and Industry.[3]

Preceded by
Mikio Aoki
Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan
July–October 2000
Succeeded by
Yasuo Fukuda


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