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Hieracon or Hierakon (Greek: Ἱεράκων) or Theracon (Not. Imp.) or Ancient Egyptian Pr-Nemty, was an ancient fortified city of Upper Egypt, situated on the right bank of the Nile, now the site of the modern-day village of al Atawla, Egypt. Here, in Roman times, was quartered the cohors prima of the Lusitanian auxiliaries. It stood nearly midway between the western extremity of Mons Alabastrites and the city of Lycopolis, latitude 27° 15′North.

Hieracon (Ἱεράκων κώμη, Ptol. vi. 7. § 36) is to be distinguished from Hierakonpolis or Hieracompolis (Ἱεράκων πόλις, Strabo xvii. p. 817), which was south of Thebes, lat. 25° 52′North, nearly opposite the town of Eileithyiaspolis (Eileithuia), and capital of the 3rd nome of Upper Egypt.


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Coordinates: 27°14′N 31°13′E / 27.233°N 31.217°E / 27.233; 31.217