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Misamis Higaonon Manobo
Native toPhilippines
RegionAgusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur provinces, Mindanao
Native speakers
30,000 (1996)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3mba

Higaonon is a Manobo language spoken on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is partially (80%) intelligible with Binukid.

Higaonon is spoken in the Butuan River basin of north-central Mindanao, comprising northwestern Agusan del Sur Province and the area of Agusan del Norte Province south of Butuan City (Ethnologue).

Higaonon religion[edit]

The Higaonon people believe in a variety of deities, namely:

  • Magbabayà (The Ruler of All) - The supreme god who has minor gods and goddesses beneath him to do specific jobs and take care of certain things, he is also the god of the west.
  • Domalondong – The god of the north.
  • Ongli – The god of the south.
  • Tagolambong – The god of the east.
  • Ibabasok - He watches over the crops and their growth in a simple ceremony at the center of the rice field.
  • Dagingon – They worship this deity in an elaborated celebration complete with songs and dances which will last for nine nights during planting and after harvest seasons.
  • Bulalakaw - The spirit who watches the rivers and takes care of the fishermen's catch.
  • Tumpaa Nanapiyaw or Intumbangol - Watches the base of the earth night and day lest it crumbles.
  • Tagabugtà - The spirit who watches the farm or the forest


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