Higashi-Ikoma Station

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Higashi-Ikoma Station
Higashi-Ikoma Station.jpg
Higashi-Ikoma Station
Prefecture Nara
(See other stations in Nara)
City Ikoma
Neighborhood 1-6, Higashi-Ikoma 1-chome
Postal code 630-0213
Address in Japanese 奈良県生駒市東生駒一丁目1-6
Coordinates 34°41′30″N 135°42′35″E / 34.69165°N 135.709797°E / 34.69165; 135.709797Coordinates: 34°41′30″N 135°42′35″E / 34.69165°N 135.709797°E / 34.69165; 135.709797
Opened 1968
Rail services
Operator(s) Kintetsu
Line(s) Nara Line
Statistics 18,948 passengers/day November 9, 2010[1]
Bus Small bus terminal at this station

Higashi-Ikoma Station (東生駒駅) is a railway station on the Kintetsu Nara Line in Ikoma, Nara Prefecture, Japan.


The station has an island platform serving 2 tracks between 2 passing tracks.

1st floor[edit]

  • Bus Terminal (Nara Kotsu)
  • Harves
  • Resona Bank

2nd floor[edit]

  • Ticket machenes and windows (Commuter tickets and limited express tickets available)
  • Station office
  • Taxi stand
  • Harves
  • McDonald's
  • Automated teller machine of the Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.
  • Automated teller machine of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

3rd floor[edit]

2  Nara Line for Gakuen-mae, Yamato-Saidaiji, Nara, Tenri and Kyoto
3  Nara Line for Ikoma, Fuse, Osaka Namba and Amagasaki

A returning track is located in the east of the station. Before the diagram revision in 2006, local trains used the track and returned for Namba during the non-rush hours, and the track is used in the morning and the evening for the local trains returning for Osaka Namba and Amagasaki.


North side
  • Kintetsu Higashi-Ikoma Depot (Keihanna Line), Higashi-Hanazono Inspection Area
  • Ikoma City Library
South side
East side
West side
  • Ikoma Municipal Ikoma Elementary School
  • Ikoma Fire Department

Bus Terminal[edit]

  • Bus stop 1 (for Tezukayama Jutaku)
  • Route 74 for Tezukayama Jutaku via Tezukayama University
  • Route 75 for Tezukayama Jutaku
  • Route 64 for Tezukayama Jutaku via Satsukidai Jutaku
  • Route 文 for Tezukayama University
  • Bus stop 2 (for Satsukidai and Oze)
  • Routes 62 and 63 for Satsukidai and Oze
  • Route 76 for Satsukidai
  • Bus stop 3 (for Ikoma Station, for Shiraniwadai, Asukano and Hikarigaoka via Route 167)
  • Routes 63, 64, 165, 168, and 文 for Ikoma-eki minamiguchi
  • Route 64 for Asukano Center
  • Route 165 for Shiraniwadai Station via Asukano Center
  • Route 168 and 172 for Hikarigaoka via Asukano Center and Shiraniwadai Station


  1. ^ 駅別乗降人員 (in Japanese). Kintetsu Corporation. 

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