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View of Higashi-Hennazaki, Miyakojima

The cape of Higashi-henna-zaki (東平安名岬?, Miyako: Agari-pyauna-zaki ) is a nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty located at the southeasternmost point of Miyako Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.[1] It is connected by a road No. 83. The promontory is 2 km long and 140 – 200 m wide. At the very end of the cape is a white lighthouse which gives 3200 panorama view of the ocean, a very popular spot for sunrise viewing. The lighthouse was erected in 1967,[2] Mr. Sunakawa[who?] asked for the lighthouse to be built after numerous boating accidents near the coast of Higashi-hennazaki, the actual lighthouse is 43 m high and has a range of 18 nautical miles. Near the road is a rock which is a grave of Mamuya.[who?] There is also a little fishing port at the base of the cape.

Coordinates: 24°43′08″N 125°28′10″E / 24.7189°N 125.4693361°E / 24.7189; 125.4693361


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