Higashi-ku, Sapporo

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Higashi Ward
Location of Higashi-ku in Sapporo
Location of Higashi-ku in Sapporo
EstablishedApril 1, 1972
 • Total56.97 km2 (22.00 sq mi)
 • Total258,416
 Estimation as of December 31, 2014
Time zoneUTC+9 (Japan Standard Time)
Address7-1 Kita Juichijyo Higashi, Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
WebsiteHigashi Ward Office
Higashi-ku, ward office

Higashi-ku (東区) is one of the 10 wards in Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan. It is directly translated as "east ward", and is neighboured to Kita-ku, Chūō-ku, Shiroishi-ku, Ebetsu, Tōbetsu.


According to the 2008 registry of residential addresses, 254,360 people lived in Higashi-ku. It is 57.13 km² in area, and a number of rivers are located in the ward including the Toyohira River.

The ward has a mascot character, Tappy, which was designed to be an onion-themed fairy; it was named in 1993, and is a portmanteau of "Tamanegi" (meaning onion in Japanese) and "happy".[1] The onion is a vegetable raised in Higashi-ku, and therefore Tappy is associated with onions.[1]


Originally, at the place where Higashi-ku is, Naebo Village and Okadama Village were established by pioneers in 1870. Sapporo Village was established in 1871, and Kariki Village was established in 1873. In 1902, Naebo Village, Okadama Village, and Kariki Village were merged into Sapporo Village, which covered nearly the same extent as the current Higashi-ku.[2]

In 1955, Sapporo Village was merged into Sapporo City. In 1972, Sapporo was listed as one of the cities designated by government ordinance,[2] which enabled Higashi-ku to be established. In 1988, the Tōhō line of the Sapporo Municipal Subway was laid, and subway stations were placed in Higashi-ku.


The headquarters of Hokkaido Air System is located on the property of Okadama Airport in Okadama-chō.[3] Previously the airline was headquartered in the New Chitose Airport terminal in Chitose.[4]

In April 2004 Air Nippon Network was headquartered in Higashi-ku.[5]



junior college[edit]

Secondary school[edit]

  • Sapporo Kaisei Secondary school

High schools[edit]


  • Hokkaido Sapporo Okadama High School
  • Hokkaido Sapporo Toryo High School
  • Hokkaido Sapporo Toho High School
  • Hokkaido Sapporo Kaisei High School


  • Sapporo Otani High School
  • Sapporo Kosei High School
  • Sapporo Hokuto High School





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Coordinates: 43°4′34″N 141°21′49″E / 43.07611°N 141.36361°E / 43.07611; 141.36361

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