Higashi Kobe Bridge

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Higashi Kobe Bridge
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Coordinates 34°42′33″N 135°17′32″E / 34.70917°N 135.29222°E / 34.70917; 135.29222Coordinates: 34°42′33″N 135°17′32″E / 34.70917°N 135.29222°E / 34.70917; 135.29222
Carries Hanshin Expressway 5 Bayshore Route
Crosses Kobe Bay
Locale Kobe / Osaka, Japan
Maintained by Hanshin Expressway Company
Design cable-stayed bridge
Total length 1,800 m (5,906 ft)(1.8 km)
Width 20 m (66 ft)
Height 168 m (551 ft)
Longest span 485 m (1,591 ft)
Load limit Two(Double)-Decker Bridge
Clearance below 32 m (105 ft)


Higashi Bridge is located in Japan
Higashi Bridge
Higashi Bridge
Location of the Bridge

The Higashi Kobe Bridge (東神戸大橋, Higashi Kōbe Ōhashi?) is a cable-stayed bridge in Kobe, Japan, which opened in 1992. It has a main span of 485 meters and spans a waterway between to Artificial islands part of the Kobe-Osaka bay. The bridge is a part of the Hanshin Expressway, which also is cradled by the Tempozan Higashi Bridge, downstream of the Higashi Kobe Bridge. The bridge is also a part of the Bayshore route 5 expressway of Kobe, which is also a part of the Industrial Ring Road of Kobe. The bridge carries two decks of roadway (3 lanes on each deck) (6 in total), and the bridge is 168 meters high and the maximum clearance is 32 meters to the water. The bridge was built by the Hanshin Expressway Public Corporation.

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