Higganum Reservoir

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Higganum Reservoir
Higganum Reservoir is located in Connecticut
Higganum Reservoir
Higganum Reservoir
Location in Connecticut
LocationHaddam, Connecticut
Coordinates41°29′20″N 72°33′34″W / 41.48889°N 72.55944°W / 41.48889; -72.55944Coordinates: 41°29′20″N 72°33′34″W / 41.48889°N 72.55944°W / 41.48889; -72.55944 [1]
Primary inflowsPonset Brook
Primary outflowsPonset Brook
Max. length3,700 feet (1,100 m)
Max. width460 feet (140 m)
Surface area30.79 acres (12.46 ha) [2]
Average depth13.4 feet (4.1 m) [3]
Max. depth34 feet (10 m) [3]
Residence time17 days [3]
Shore length11.6 miles (2.6 km) [4]
Surface elevation92 feet (28 m) [1]
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Higganum Reservoir is a 31-acre (13 ha) man-made body of water impounding Ponset Brook in the town of Haddam, Connecticut. It is the primary feature of Higganum Reservoir State Park. Formed by construction of an earth dam in 1868, the reservoir was built to provide water power for the Higganum Manufacturing Company, a maker of plows and other farm equipment. Later known as Clark Cutaway Harrow, the company produced a line that included 400 types of plows, disk harrows, cider presses, hay spreaders, and carriage jacks.[5] The reservoir's original dam had a maximum height of 48 feet and a total length of embankment (including the spillway) of approximately 875 feet.[4] It was reconstructed by the state in 2003.[5] The dam is located at the reservoir's north end;[2] a boat launch maintained by the state is found at its south end.[6]


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