Higginsville, Nova Scotia

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Higginsville, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Higginsville, Nova Scotia
Higginsville in Nova Scotia

Higginsville is a rural community of the Halifax Regional Municipality in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The area was settled in 1782 by John Higgins and his wife Hester Carmichael. John was from Wiltshire, England and had fought for England in the American Revolution, and subsequently given a grant of land in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Since it was not fit for farming, he and his wife travelled along the NS coast until they came to the Musquodoboit River which they followed inland. Hester was pregnant and when they reached the area now known as Higginsville, they spent the night and their first child was born. John and Hester found the area to be good for farming and remained there to raise their family.[citation needed]


Coordinates: 45°2′33.9″N 63°4′59.5″W / 45.042750°N 63.083194°W / 45.042750; -63.083194