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Higgs may refer to:



  • Alan Higgs (died 1979), English businessman and philanthropist
  • Derek Higgs (1944–2008), an English business leader and merchant banker
  • Eric Sidney Higgs (1908–1976), English archaeologist
  • Griffin Higgs (1589–1659), an English churchman
  • Henry Higgs (1864–1940), English civil servant, economist and historian of economic thought
  • Joe Higgs (1940–1999), Jamaican singer and musician
  • Ken Higgs (1937–2016), English cricketer
  • Kenneth Higgs (1886-1959), English cricketer
  • Kenny Higgs (born 1955), American retired basketball player, brother of Mark Higgs
  • Mark Higgs (born 1966), American football player who played in the National Football League, brother of Kenny Higgs
  • Michael Higgs (politician) (1912–1995), British Member of Parliament
  • Peter Higgs (born 1929), physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, namesake of the Higgs boson particle
  • Ray Higgs, Australian rugby league footballer
  • Rebekah Higgs (born 1982), Canadian singer
  • Robert Higgs (born 1944), American economist
  • Robert W. Higgs, South African admiral
  • Shane Higgs (born 1977), English footballer