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The High-Potential Management Personnel Reserve is a program announced by President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on 23 July 2008 at a meeting of his Plenipotentiary Representatives.

The Reserve[edit]

In his discussions with his Plenipotentiaries, Medvedev recalled the nomenklatura system in the Soviet Union, which since the dissolution of the USSR the system has not been replaced, allowing cronyism to dictate appointments to senior positions within the Russian government.[1] Medvedev acknowledged that sometimes position are sold to the highest bidder and regards this as disgraceful, stating "since the Russian government is a democracy, not a medieval tyranny, we must break out of this vicious circle, and work to involve the best, the most highly trained professionals, and motivate them, and we have to do it with the cooperation of the entire civil society."[1]

Miriam Elder, writing for The Daily Telegraph, noted that the Reserve is an attempt by Medvedev to build his own power base, in order to assert his authority on the political stage in Russia.[1]

First 100[edit]

Medvedev meeting with members of the first 100 candidates on 4 March 2009 at the Kremlin.

The list of the first 100 members of the High-Potential Management Personnel Reserve, which has invariably been dubbed the Golden 100 or the Presidential Gold Flock,[2][3] was released by the President on 17 February 2009, and includes 36 people from Federal Government authorities, 23 people from regional authorities, 31 from business and 10 from science, education and non-governmental organisations backgrounds.[4] The average age of candidates on the list is 39, and the youngest at 27 years of age are Vladimir Nazarov and Nikolay Nikiforov,[3] whilst all are younger than 50 years of age.[2] None of the first 100 members of the Reserve have served in the KGB or the FSB, and all have liberal leanings.[2]

  Representatives of Federal Government authorities   Representatives of regional authorities   Representatives of business   Representatives of science, education and non-governmental organisations

Candidate Year of
Place of employment Position held
Akimov KonstantinKonstantin Vladimirovich Akimov 1971 Continental Management Timber Industrial Company Chairman of the Board of Directors
Akimov MaximMaxim Alekseyevich Akimov 1970 Kaluga Oblast Administration Vice-Governor
Alexandrov AlexeyAlexey Olegovich Alexandrov 1960 Government of Moscow Prefect of Central Administrative Okrug of Moscow
Andreyev FyodorFyodor Borisovich Andreyev 1966 Russian Railways Senior Vice-President
Antsev GeorgyGeorgy Vladimirovich Antsev 1961 Radar MMS General-Director — Head Designer
Arutyunov AlexanderAlexander Borisovich Arutyunov 1971 Intourist President
Azarov DmitryDmitry Igoryevich Azarov 1970 Samara Oblast Government Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
Barinov IgorIgor Vyacheslavovich Barinov 1968 State Duma Deputy
Batkibekov SaidSaid Beletbekovich Batkibekov 1977 Troika Capital Partners Limited Vice-President
Baumgertner VladislavVladislav Arturovich Baumgertner 1972 Uralkali General-Director
Belozyorov OlegOleg Valentinovich Belozyorov 1969 Federal Highway Agency Head
Bobrovnikov BorisBoris Leonidovich Bobrovnikov 1960 CROC Inc. General-Director
Bokarev AndreyAndrey Removich Bokarev 1966 Kuzbassrazrezugol Chairman of the Board of Directors
Borodin PavelPavel Andreyevich Borodin 1971 Federal Fund for the Assistance of Housing Development Deputy General-Director
Brovko AnatolyAnatoly Grigoriyevich Brovko 1966 Vologda Oblast Administration Deputy Head of the Administration of Investment and Trade
Budargin OlegOleg Mikhailovich Budargin 1960 Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian President in the Siberian Federal District Assistant to the Plenipotentiary Representative
Bulygin AlexanderAlexander Stanislavovich Bulygin 1968 United Company RUSAL Chairman of the Board — General-Director
Burenin AndreyAndrey Viktorovich Burenin 1974 Renova Management AG Finance Director
Chinilin PavelPavel Yuryevich Chinilin 1971 Office of the Russian Federation Government Department Deputy Director
Grigoriyev AlexanderAlexander Valeriyevich Grigoriyev 1963 Ingosstrakh Chairman of the Board — General-Director
Denisenko OlegOleg Ivanovich Denisenko 1962 State Duma Deputy
Dergunova OlgaOlga Konstantinovna Dergunova 1965 VTB Bank Member of the Board of Directors
Dubinsky AndreyAndrey Yuriyevich Dubinsky 1960 BDO Unicon General-Director
Dyakova YelenaYelena Grigoriyevna Dyakova 1965 Public Chamber of Russia - Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Urals Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences Chief Research Officer
Fomichyov OlegOleg Vladislavovich Fomichyov 1977 Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Department Director
Gaplikov SergeySergey Anatoliyevich Gaplikov 1970 Cabinet of Ministers of the Chuvash Republic Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers
Gayzer VyacheslavVyacheslav Mikhailovich Gayzer 1966 Komi Republic Government Deputy Head of the Republic — Minister of Finance
Goncharov VladimirVladimir Aleksandrovich Goncharov 1972 Federal Registration Service Head of the Administration in Rostov Oblast
Gorbachik TatyanaTatyana Vladimirovna Gorbachik 1970 Ministry of Transport Department Director
Guriyev SergeySergey Maratovich Guriyev 1971 New Economic School Rector
Ilyinykh SergeySergey Yevgeniyevich Ilyinykh 1975 Tomsk Oblast Administration Deputy Governor for Social Policy
Ismagilov RashidRashid Faatovich Ismagilov 1960 Leningrad Oblast Administration Vice-Governor
Ivlev AlexanderAlexander Vladimirovich Ivlev 1967 Ernst & Young Partner — Council of Directors of the company in the CIS
Izosimov AlexanderAlexander Vadimovich Izosimov 1964 VimpelCom General-Director
Izotova AnnaAnna Vladimirovna Izotova 1976 Federal Tariff Service Head of Department
Karavayev IgorIgor Yevgeniyevich Karavayev 1968 Ministry of Industry and Trade Department Director
Khasis LevLev Aronovich Khasis 1966 X5 Retail Group Chief Executive Officer — Chairman of the Board
Kibovsky AlexanderAlexander Vladimirovich Kibovsky 1973 Federal Supervision Service for Compliance with the Law in Mass Communications and Cultural Heritage Protection Head
Kosachyov KonstantinKonstantin Iosifovich Kosachyov 1962 State Duma Committee Chairman
Kovalchuk BorisBoris Yuriyevich Kovalchuk 1977 Office of the Russian Federation Government Department Director
Kozitsin AndreyAndrey Anatoliyevich Kozitsin 1960 Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company General-Director
Kulagin DmitryDmitry Vladimirovich Kulagin 1968 Legislative Assembly of Orenburg Oblast Chairman
Kulichenko VadimVadim Petrovich Kulichenko 1973 Samara Oblast Government Vice-Chairman — Minister of Health and Social Development
Kurbatov MikhailMikhail Yuriyevich Kurbatov 1981 Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Department Director
Kuvshinnikov OlegOleg Aleksandrovich Kuvshinnikov 1965 Mayor of Cherepovets Mayor
Kuyvashev YevgenyYevgeny Vladimirovich Kuyvashev 1971 Mayor of Tyumen Mayor
Livanov DmitryDmitry Viktorovich Livanov 1967 Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys Rector
Miskevich YevgenyYevgeny Vasiliyevich Miskevich 1978 Tyumen Oblast Government Head of the Main Department for Construction
Manturov DenisDenis Valentinovich Manturov 1969 Ministry of Industry and Trade Deputy Minister
Matishov DmitryDmitry Gennadiyevich Matishov 1966 Southern Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences - Southern Federal University Vice-Chairman — Head of Oceanology Department
Matveyeva YelenaYelena Yuriyevna Matveyeva 1966 Kaliningrad Oblast Government Minister of Finance
Mednikov DmitryDmitry Yuriyevich Mednikov 1980 Head Office of "Russian Information Superhighway" Editor-in-Chief
Melamed LeonidLeonid Adolfovich Melamed 1967 AFK Sistema President
Menshchikov VladislavVladislav Vladimirovich Menshchikov 1959 Almaz-Antey General-Director
Meshcheryakov TerentyTerenty Vladimirovich Meshcheryakov 1974 Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg Deputy
Metshin IlsurIlsur Raysovich Metshin 1969 Kazan City Administration Mayor
Minkh GarryGarry Vladimirovich Minkh 1959 Office of the Russian Federation Government Legal Department Director
Mironyuk SvetlanaSvetlana Vasiliyevna Mironyuk 1968 RIA Novosti Editor-in-Chief
Mishustin MikhailMikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin 1966 UFG Asset Management President
Moskalenko AlexeyAlexey Anatoliyevich Moskalenko 1981 LLK International Deputy Department Head for Legal Groundwork
Naumov StanislavStanislav Aleksandrovich Naumov 1972 Ministry of Industry and Trade State Secretary — Deputy Minister
Nazarov VladimirVladimir Stanislavovich Nazarov 1982 Institute for the Economy in Transition Laboratory Chief of Federal Spending
Neterebsky OlegOleg Viktorovich Neterebsky 1960 Moscow City Government Head of the Department of Work and Employment
Nikiforov NikolayNikolay Anatoliyevich Nikiforov 1982 Centre of Information Technology of the Republic of Tatarstan General-Director
Noskov KonstantinKonstantin Yuriyevich Noskov 1978 Office of the Russian Federation Government Department Deputy Director
Novak AlexanderAlexander Valentinovich Novak 1971 Ministry of Finance Deputy Minister
Pepelyayeva IlanaIlana Vitaliyevna Pepelyayeva 1965 State Duma Deputy Chairman of the Financial Markets Committee
Pertsovsky AlexanderAlexander Naumovich Pertsovsky 1968 Renaissance Capital Chairman of the Board
Pleshakova OlgaOlga Alexandrovna Pleshakova 1966 Transaero General-Director
Popova TatyanaTatyana Yuriyevna Popova 1972 State Corporation "Assistance Fund for Housing and Public Utilities" Deputy General-Director — Chief of Staff
Rakova AnastasiyaAnastasiya Vladimirovna Rakova 1976 Ministry of Regional Development Deputy Minister — State Secretary
Rashevsky VladimirVladimir Valeriyevich Rashevsky 1973 Siberian Coal Energy Company General-Director — Chairman of the Board
Redin YevgenyYevgeny Vladimirovich Redin 1969 Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk Oblast First Deputy Chairman
Reshetnikov MaximMaxim Gennadiyevich Reshetnikov 1979 Ministry of Regional Development Department Director
Shakhov OlegOleg Fedorovich Shakhov 1969 Strategy Centre Vice-President
Savatyugin AlexeyAlexey Lvovich Savatyugin 1970 Ministry of Finance Department Director
Savelyev OlegOleg Genrikhovich Savelyev 1965 Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Deputy Minister
Shadayev MaksutMaksut Igoryevich Shadayev 1979 Presidential Administration Assistant Director
Sharov AndreyAndrey Vladimirovich Sharov 1971 Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Department Director
Slepnyov AndreyAndrey Aleksandrovich Slepnyov 1969 Ministry of Agriculture Deputy Minister
Sokolov MaximMaxim Yuriyevich Sokolov 1968 Saint Petersburg Government Chairman of the Committee for Investment and Strategic Projects
Svatkovsky DmitryDmitry Valeriyevich Svatkovsky 1971 Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast Government Minister of Investment Policy
Sukhikh ValeryValery Aleksandrovich Sukhikh 1965 Perm Krai Government Chairman of the Government
Tokarev VladimirVladimir Aleksandrovich Tokarev 1977 Federal Railway Transport Agency Deputy Director
Travnikov MaximMaxim Aleksandrovich Travnikov 1974 Ministry of Regional Development Deputy Minister
Trunin IlyaIlya Vyacheslavovich Trunin 1976 Ministry of Finance Department Director
Turchak AndreyAndrey Anatoliyevich Turchak 1975 Federation Council Deputy Chairman of the Federal Council Committee on Youth Affairs and Tourism
Urlichich YuryYury Matevich Urlichich 1962 Russian Institute of Space Device Engineering General-Director — General Designer
Velmyaykin Sergey Sergey Fyodorovich Velmyaykin 1978 Ministry of Health and Social Development Department Director
Verbitsky VladimirVladimir Konstantinovich Verbitsky 1959 Russian Institute of Directors First Deputy Director
Volkov AndreyAndrey Yevgeniyevich Volkov 1960 Moscow School of Management Skolkovo Rector
Volozh ArkadyArkady Yuriyevich Volozh 1964 Yandex General-Director
Voskresensky StanislavStanislav Sergeyevich Voskresensky 1976 Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Deputy Minister
Vovchenko AlexeyAlexey Vitaliyevich Vovchenko 1975 Federal Service for Employment and Labor Relations Deputy Head
Yarin AndreyAndrey Veniaminovich Yarin 1970 Kabardino-Balkar Republic Government Chairman of the Government
Yudayeva KseniyaKseniya Valentinovna Yudayeva 1970 Sberbank Chief Economist
Yurev YevgenyYevgeny Leonidovich Yurev 1971 ATON Investment Group President
Zadornov MikhailMikhail Mikhailovich Zadornov 1963 VTB24 President — Chairman of the Board
Zhukov AndreyAndrey Viktorovich Zhukov 1971 Ministry of Transport Chief of the North-Western Interregional State Administration of Highway Inspection
Zubkov IgorIgor Valeriyevich Zubkov 1970 Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian President in the Central Federal District Assistant to the Plenipotentiary Representative