The High (comics)

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The High
Publication information
Publisher Wildstorm
First appearance Stormwatch #46 (March 1997)
Created by Warren Ellis
Tom Raney
In-story information
Alter ego John Cumberland
Team affiliations Changers
The Authority
Abilities Superhuman strength, speed and senses
Plasma vision

The High (John Cumberland) is a fictional character, a superhero in the Wildstorm Universe. He first appears in Stormwatch #46 and was created by Warren Ellis and Tom Raney.

Publication history[edit]

The High plays a major part in the Stormwatch story arc Change or Die. The character was later revived for the series Number of the Beast and would become a key part of the line-wide storyline World's End.

Fictional character biography[edit]

The High came from an alternate reality. He fought as a superhero alongside Jenny Sparks in the 1930s, but became frustrated and left the crime-fighting occupation long before she did. After years detached from society (including a decade spent seated atop a throne of stone in the Rocky Mountains, contemplating his plan) he was left with a somewhat naive apprehension of others, their motives and ability shrinking in the face of his noble plan. He was overly trusting of his cohorts, quick to mistrust anyone who stepped in their way, and eager to force the world to change and be done with it - and he ultimately learned, as Jenny Sparks said, that people only want change on their own terms. His emblem was five arrows in a circle, much like the symbol for recycling - he wore this on his costume's belt and on a t-shirt he wore when out of costume.

Powers and abilities[edit]

His powers included super strength, invulnerability, stamina and speed, flight and some form of ocular energy beams.