Hanoi Capital City Special High Command of the People's Army of Vietnam

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Hanoi Capital High Command (Vietnamese: Bộ tư lệnh Thủ đô Hà Nội) of the People's Army of Vietnam, is directly under the reponsbility of the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam, tasked to organise, build, manage and command armed forces defending the capital of Vietnam.


The predecessor of Hanoi Command was established in October 1945. By November 1946, the state was reorganised into 12 War Zones (Vietnamese: Chiến khu). Hanoi was reorganised into the 11th War Zone, also known as the Front of Hanoi. When the French Indochina War broke out on 19 December 1946, Front of Hanoi was annexed into 2nd War Zone. From 1 November 1948, 2nd War Area was placed directly under the authority of 3rd Joint Zone (Vietnamese: Liên Khu), but by May 1949, Hanoi was split to form the Front of Hanoi again, under the Commander-in-Chief. This situation is maintained until after 1954, when the zone called Hanoi. By 1957, the General Command established troops of Hanoi under the control of General Command. To 1 August 1964, placed directly under the 3rd Military Zone. However, in September 1964 it recovered independent of the Capital Command. On 5 March 1979, by Ordiance 28-LCT, the Capital Military Zone was established on the basis of the Capital Command, in terms of military management in the city of Hanoi. In 1999, areas of the Capital Military Zone, including additional in old Hà Tây Province had merged and now form part of Hanoi. By ordinance No.16 of President of Vietnam on 16 July 2008 Hanoi Capital Command was founded on the basis of the Hanoi Military Zone Command.

Command leadership[edit]


  • Department of Staff
  • Department of Politics
    • Division of Organization
    • Division of Cadre
    • Division of Policy
    • Division of Propogendar and Training
    • Division of Thoughts and Culture
    • Military Court of Military Zone
    • Military Procuratorate of Military Zone
    • Museum of the Capital Military Zone: No. 157, St. Đội Cấn, Quận Ba Đình, Hà Nội
  • Department of Logistics
  • Department of Technique
  • Office of Command


  • 301st Infantry Division
  • 452nd KTT Artillery Regiment
  • 47th Tank-Armored Battalion
  • 610th Communication Battalion

Successive Commander and Leadership[edit]

Special Zone of Hanoi (1945-1946)[edit]

War Zone 11 (1946)[edit]

War Zone 2 (1946-1949)[edit]

Front Hanoi (1949-1957)[edit]

The Troops of Hanoi (1957-1964)[edit]

  • Commander: Col. Vũ Văn Sự
  • Chief of Staff:?

Command of Capital (1964-1979)[edit]

Capital Military Zone (1979-2008)[edit]


Political Commissioners, Deputy Commanders of Politics[edit]

Deputy Commander cum Chief of Staff[edit]

Command of Capital (08/2009-)[edit]