High Commission of Brunei, Ottawa

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High Commission of Brunei in Ottawa
Stadacona Hall.jpg
Location Sandy Hill, Ottawa
Address 395 Laurier Avenue East

The High Commission of Brunei Darussalam in Canada is located in Ottawa, Canada, in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood at 395 Laurier Avenue East in the building known as Stadacona Hall.

Stadacona Hall[edit]

Stadacona Hall was built in 1871 by local lumber baron John Cameron. He did not live in the house long himself, but rented it out to other notables. The first tenant was the Speaker of the Canadian Senate Joseph Edouard Cauchon. The building was named by Cauchon's wife after Stadacona, the First Nations name for their native Quebec City. It then became home to Prime Minister John A. Macdonald and his family who lived there from 1878 to 1883 before moving to Earnscliffe.

It later became home to other powerful individuals such as Sir Frederick Borden and William Rowley. After World War II, it was purchased by Belgium and became the home of the Belgian ambassador. In the 1990s, downsizing led them to put it on the market in 1995 for $1.7 million. It was bought by the Government of Brunei Darussalam, which uses it as its High Commission.

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Coordinates: 45°25′43″N 75°40′35″W / 45.428539°N 75.676360°W / 45.428539; -75.676360