High Desert State Prison (California)

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High Desert State Prison (HDSP)
Seal of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.png
Aerial View
LocationSusanville, California
Coordinates40°24′30″N 120°30′50″W / 40.4084°N 120.5139°W / 40.4084; -120.5139Coordinates: 40°24′30″N 120°30′50″W / 40.4084°N 120.5139°W / 40.4084; -120.5139
Security classMaximum-Supermax
Population1,823 (78.4% capacity) (as of July 31, 2022[1])
OpenedAugust 1995
Managed byCalifornia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
WardenFred Foulk

High Desert State Prison (HDSP) is a high-security state prison that houses level IV inmates located in Leavitt, Lassen County, California.[2][3] Opened in 1995, it has a capacity of 2,324 persons.

As of July 31, 2022, High Desert was incarcerating people at 78.4% of its design capacity, with 1,823 occupants.[1]

Also located in Lassen County is the state California Correctional Center, a minimum-security prison. A third prison facility, the Federal Correctional Institution, Herlong, is also located within Lassen County, California. Half the adult population of nearby Susanville works at these prisons. The prisons and their effects on the community, including as a source of much needed jobs, were explored in the documentary, Prison Town, USA (2007), aired on PBS.[4]


Location of Susanville within Lassen County, and Lassen County within California

In late 2015 the state Office of the Inspector General completed a six-month investigation into conditions at the prison, after complaints of officer misconduct and prisoner abuse, and issued its report, calling for changes at the facility. Although there are buildings to house certain inmates in protective custody, such as sex offenders, officers put other prisoners near them. The prison has had a rapid turnover in top management for nearly a decade, with seven wardens in eight years. In their report investigators wrote there was a "perception of insularity and indifference to inmates" at High Desert, exacerbated by its remoteness and "a labor organization that opposes oversight to the point of actively discouraging members from coming forward with information that could … adversely affect another officer."[5]

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