High Falls (Rochester, New York)

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High Falls
HighFallsRochesterNY July 2010.JPG
View from Pont De Rennes bridge, Rochester, New York.
(New York, United States)
Coordinates43°09′41″N 77°36′49″W / 43.1615°N 77.6135°W / 43.1615; -77.6135 (High Falls)Coordinates: 43°09′41″N 77°36′49″W / 43.1615°N 77.6135°W / 43.1615; -77.6135 (High Falls)
Total height96 ft (29 m)
Number of drops1
WatercourseGenesee River

The High Falls are one of three voluminous waterfalls on the Genesee River, that flow through the city of Rochester in New York. The High Falls are located about 2 miles (3.2 km) upstream from the lower falls and act as their source. The High Falls area was the site of much of Rochester's early industrial development, where industry was powered by falling water. Brown's Race diverts water from above the falls and was used to feed various flour mills and industries; today the water is used to produce hydroelectric power.[1]

The High Falls may be viewed from the Pont De Rennes bridge, a pedestrian bridge that spans the Genesee River a few hundred feet from the base of the falls.[2]

The High Falls was the site of the final jump of "The Yankee Leaper" Sam Patch who died after jumping off of the High Falls in 1829.[3]

An abstract representation of the High Falls is used on the logo of Rochester New York FC as a symbol of the city.[4]


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