High Freakquency

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High Freakquency
High freakquency.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Tony Singletary
Produced by Cassius Weathersby
Curtis M. Shaw
Written by Rob Gomes
Starring John Witherspoon
Marcus Chong
Paul Mooney
Release date
  • 1998 (1998)
Country United States
Language English

High Freakquency is a 1998 comedy directed by Tony Singletary about life at an urban radio station.


Where Comedy Is In Heavy Rotation

24-7 Radio finds itself at the top of the charts, yet all is not well in radio paradise as a series of quirky and mentally challenged DJ's jockey for ratings and professional success.

Station Manager Wes Thomas (John Witherspoon, Friday and Friday Next), is trying to force an inappropriate play list on station DJ and Program Director Jordan (Marcus Chong, Matrix, Panther). Jordan resists the songs for music that moves the listeners. He teams up with the support of fellow DJ Venom (A.J. Johnson, House Party), as a romance develops between the two. Also starring Ajai Sanders, (A Different World, Def Comedy Jam) and a special appearance by Adina Howard.


Home video[edit]

For one of the film's DVD releases it is titled "Da Station" with the closing credits edited out, and the DVD cover crediting Alan Smithee as the director.

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