High Rise

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High Rise, High-Rise or Highrise may refer to:

Film and digital media[edit]


  • High Rise (band), a noise rock band from Tokyo, Japan
  • High Rise (EP), a 2013 EP by Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington
  • "High Rise", a song by Hawkwind from their 1979 album PXR5
  • "High Rise", a song by Houston Calls from their 2005 album A Collection of Short Stories
  • "High Rise", a song by Ladytron from their 2005 album Witching Hour
  • "Highrise", a song by Tall Dwarfs from their 1994 album 3 EPs
  • "Hi-Rise", a song by the New Pornographers from their 2014 album Brill Bruisers

Other uses[edit]